What are the Two Types of Water Softeners? How Can They Be Beneficial?

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Water softening plant manufacturers in  Kolkata devise water softeners keeping in mind essential features that aid in the process and increase the water quality. The main purpose of these water softeners is to remove the hardness i.e chemicals like calcium and magnesium from water through the ion-exchange method.

The problem with hard water is, it clogs pipes resulting in decreased flow of water, damages household appliances, complicates lather formation with detergent and soap, and also leads to the deposition of white scale on glass surfaces. Additionally, it takes more time to heat hard water which indicates higher energy consumption and it can also make your skin feel scratchy. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to treat hard water to get rid of the mentioned problems.

Benefits of Softened Water:

  • Reduced scales and soap curd makes cleaning easier and reduces the time for housework.

  • Lengthens the life of home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, ice makers, and coffee machines.

  • Save on monthly energy costs and repair costs related to damages of the machines.

  • Helps in maintaining soft supple skin and shiny hair

  • Shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles, or plumbing fixtures.

  • The quality of washed clothes also improves. The fabric no longer has minerals trapped inside it.

Homeowners and various industries rely on water softeners for extended life of the equipment, reduced energy consumption, lessened plumbing costs, and increased water retention.

Salt-Free Water Softeners Vs Traditional Salt Based Water Softeners

  • Salt-based water softeners are the ones that actually remove the hardness of water by capturing the hard mineral ions through an ion-exchange resin system. The only glitch is these softeners use salt and if installed at home, people suffering from high blood pressure can be adversely affected. Additionally, they are high on maintenance.

  • Salt-free water softeners do not essentially remove all the minerals but they just condition water. These softeners often alter the minerals into hard crystals that will no longer adhere to surfaces. Though you might not be fully satisfied with the quality of water, there will be some improvements. The benefits include low maintenance and less expense.

  • So if you are keen on installing water softening plants, it is essential to understand your requirements well. For large scale production of soft water, it is best to depend on traditional systems. However, if the water is for domestic use we suggest you install salt-free water softeners.

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