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Advanced Fruit Juice Plant: Factors You Need To Check Before Starting

juice plant in kolkata

Jam, jellies, ketchup are important products of the food processing industry.  These edible items are common in almost every Indian household. The juice plants in Kolkata help in preparing the fruit concentrates and pastes that go into making these delicious items, a common favorite among all.

The fruits that most commonly find use in these processes are oranges, guavas, mangoes, strawberries, and other berries. These fruits have attractive colors and a very long shelf life which makes them easy to store without degrading their tastes or qualities.

What Are The Important Factors To Keep In Mind While Setting Up A Fruit Juice Factory?

  • Setting A Target Market:- There are many varieties of fruit juices available in India like concentrated fruit juice, NFC juice, cold-pressed juice, and fruity drinks. So you need to set which sector you are going to prioritize. While pure fruit juices are popular among all, energy drinks, organic drinks, and Smoothies are also good opportunities.

  • Understand Your Range Of Business:- You can delve into the whole system that includes fruit pretreatment, juice extraction, sterilization and concentration, distribution along selling. Or you can focus on an individual category depending on the budget and also, availability of resources.

What Are The Requirements Of The Technicians You Need To Hire For Your Fruit Juice Plant?

Fruit and vegetable juice concentrates find application in making jams, ketchup, and jellies. These are high in demand in India as the country as a whole from kids to adults is in love with them.

  • A technician who works in juice plants or ketchup processing centers has the ability to plan, organize, prioritize, calculate and handle the pressure. He has the responsibility to check the quality of raw materials used, sorting them into categories, pulping them. Additionally, he also has to look after the process of juice extraction, clarification, filtration, and sampling for quality analysis.

  • Apart from this, he needs to be skilled at operating and maintaining fruit processing machinery and equipment. Also, sound knowledge of waste management is another crucial criterion.

 The Common Machinery Used In Fruit Juice Plant:-

  • Spray washing machine

  • Blanching tank

  • Sugar syrup preparation tanks

  • Cooling tanks for processed cans

  • Weighing machines

How Can Priti International Help You?

Priti International offers a complete line for fruit processing and also, concentration. Their juice plant in Kolkata is for using fruits like mango, orange, apple, pears, etc. to make juice concentration, paste, jam, jelly, ketchup.

So, you can outsource the entire project to them from planning, designing, to manufacturing and final completion. The company ensures the implementation of the latest technology while preparing the fruit concentrates. They also give immense importance to hygiene and aim for superior quality products that will surely match your expectations.


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