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Information About Pellet Machine in Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant

poultry and cattle feed plantDo you really know, what is a history of feed pellet machine for poultry and cattle feed plant? Guess no. You will be surprised to know the history of feed pallet machine dates back to 1920. For various applications, there are various types of pellet machines like feed pallet and wood pellet. For the physical and nutritional advantages such as feed wastage reduction, ingredient segregation reduction, and high bulk density, feed pelletizing machine is widely used. Hence for feeding the cattle, many of the owners are buying this machine. Along with easy feeding procedure, you should look to store the pellet machine in a better way. Continue reading

Why You Should Package Your Drinking Water in Pouches

packaged-drinking-water-plant-blogIndia is a land of many races and faces. Ours is a land of many resources; but we are still plagued with multiple diseases. One of the leading causes of rampant malady is water-borne diseases! The quality of tap water is really poor and rendered many sick. Packaged drinking water happens to be a viable alternative to that. Ever since the nineties the packaged water industry has seen a steady growth. The more people became literate and aware about health the more they inclined towards it. The proliferation of the tourism industry too has contributed to this.

One of the great ways of selling mineral water is using a pouch. You can easily get a Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine in Kolkata with which you can pack your product to gain optimum results.
There are many reasons why selling mineral water in a pouch is a good idea. Let us now move on to discuss some of them. Continue reading

Facts to know before setting up a packaged drinking water plant

Which is the best source of drinking water
The debate about the best drinking water and the purest source of water is probably an eternal one. The fact that tap water contains a considerable amount of heavy metals and this has harmful effects on human health. However, the chemicals used in the packaged drinking water plant and the various water treatment facilities have come under scrutiny time and again. The situation is quite perplexing. The distilled water so far is termed as the purest form of water void of any chemical or other contaminating substance, but distilled water also does not provide any health benefit. It is agreed upon by almost every nutritionist, expert and doctor that mineral water is a much healthier alternative to distilled water. The finding certainly is the motivating factor behind the shift in trend among the packaged drinking water plant owners from producing distilled water to production of mineral water for general consumption.images
What to consider before setting up water purification and bottling plant
The increasing health hazards as a result of consumption of low quality water has resulted in governments across almost every nation in the world making it mandatory for the packaged drinking water plants to adhere to certain minimum quality control standards, and rightly so. A number of factors need to be considered while setting up a water purification and packaging plant in order to get government clearance.

  • Location – The location is one of the most important factors since it decides the quality of water which will be available for processing. Keeping in view the overall profitability, it is better for any businessman to check the quality of the locally available water and settle for the location which has the least contaminated water.
  • Purification method – The purification mechanism should be built to suit international standard. Curtailing in this segment might lead to extreme loss in brand image if the packaged drinking water is found to be contaminated.
  • Bottling plant – It is best if one keeps the bottling unit under one’s own control as this ensures quality maintenance while bottling the water.

Almost every beverage company has a brand of packaged mineral water. Thus it is important that a new entrant set up the packaged drinking water plant near a market which has still not been tapped by the big players.

Achieve great business potential with a mineral water project

A mineral water project generally deals with the different machineries and procedures for removing the unwanted toxic substances and other impurities from the water.

It ensures utmost s purity to the water. The water treated in a mineral water plant is safe for drinking and for various other uses. There is high business potential behind setting up a mineral water plant as a company that undertakes the task of setting up a plant does that in order to supply purified water for human consumption. They
have a ready market for the treated water and hence the rate of profitability is always high. The intake of impure water on a daily basis give rise to various ailments and that is the reason the demand of packed mineral water is increasing day-by-day. Thus, investment in a mineral water plant has all the potential to reap huge profit. In order to have a successful venture in the field one needs to chalk out an effective mineral water project. This will put forward lucrative opportunities to players working in local, regional and national level. One need to have adequate technical and industrial know how in order to attain success at a steady pace in the domain.  A mineral water plant is meant for purifying water but alongside filling and packaging of the water can also be undertaken at the same premise and thus the business will thrive at its best.minaral water plant

A mineral water plant consists of various sections, they are as follows,

• Water treatment section

• Bottle making section

• Bottle filling section

• Pouch making machine

• Packaging section

• Utilities

Here are the important benefits of setting up a mineral water plant,

• The demand for bottle water is enhancing every day and that is the reason there is a great opportunity to reach out more and more potential customers.

• Not much technical skill is required to run the plant.

• The low cost variables and one-time investment option increases the profit potential.

• The project doesn’t look for a huge work force and that saves cost to a great extent.