Applications of Water Softeners in Various Industries and their Benefits

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Treatment of water ensures it is free from hard minerals and dissolved impurities. Proper designing of Water softening plants ensures that water suits various applications. Today water softening plants in Kolkata find use in both household work as well as commercial industries.

What Are the Common Problems Encountered With Hard Water?

A water softener is a device that helps in making the water soft by removing these metals through ion-exchange and precipitation methods.

It is true that drinking hard water is good to a certain extent. However, there are several difficulties that can crop up when using hard water:

  • Damage to household equipment

  • Minimized efficiency of major appliances

  • Deposits of white film on glass surfaces

  • Blockage of pipes, thereby¬† reducing the flow of water

  • Increased energy consumption

Thus treating water through quality water softeners leads to a reduction in scales and there is no clogging of pipes. Moreover, the condition of the appliances also improves.

Main Applications of Water Softener plants in Kolkata:-

  • Boiler feed: Water softeners filter out the foreign particles that build up in the boiler tubes after constant usage. The most important cause of poor boiler performance is inappropriate water treatment.¬† These sediments reduce the productivity of the machines and minimize heat transfer efficiency. Consequently, your boiler gets into premature failure and stops working completely. Thus using a water softener reduces the efficiency of your boiler by getting rid of hard minerals.


  • Pharmaceutical industries: Water softeners are an essential component of pharmaceutical industries, especially the processing plants. The boilers generate steam for the working process. The quality of steam tells you about the purity level. The pharmaceutical boilers are versatile and hence find application in a variety of needs.


  • Laundries and textile processing: Any large scale textile processing and laundry operations need reliable steam boilers to carry out specific tasks. Laundry services need a huge amount of water that goes into the washing machines. For steaming dry clothes boilers are essential. With the right boiler, producing high-quality steam will not be a problem.


  • Beverage Industries: As water softeners have the job of treating hard water and reducing the number of chemical impurities present in them, they are widely in use. In the food and beverage manufacturing units, the quality of water decides the overall purification system. From osmosis to UV disinfection, you cannot limit the use of water softeners.

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