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For industrial and commercial purposes, hard water poses potential problems that disrupt the working of various equipment. The performance of boilers, cooling towers and other associated types of machinery get immensely affected by the deposition of scales caused due to hard water. This is the reason why water softening plants in Kolkata are becoming an integral part of various industries.

Facts About Commercial Water Softeners:-

  • Commercial water softeners work on the principle of ion exchange that helps to remove the hard calcium and magnesium ions from the resin with sodium salts. The deposition of scales makes it difficult to work with hard water as it ruins the quality of appliances and equipment. Additionally, the functionality of the systems also shows a decline and you might have to frequently change these appliances. Water softeners these days find use in the removal of soluble iron from untreated water.  So, to make water fit for carrying out various industrial processes it is important to treat water.

  • Industrial softeners are available in automatic, semi-automatic, or fully automatic variants. Most water softeners have additional features that include a wide range of configurations including tank construction, piping quality, and triple unit arrangement.

  • There are certain factors that you need to consider when sizing a commercial water softener. These include the hardness of water, water pressure, the desired hours between regeneration, the resin tank, and the temperature of the water. Furthermore the size, capacity, and design depend on the rate of water flow, regeneration frequency, TDS level.

  • Not all water softeners used in the industry need to be of the largest size. Depending on the company’s water consumption. Also, it can be scaled up or down.

Difference Between Commercial Water Softeners And Residential Water Softeners:-

  • The main point of difference between a commercial & a residential water softener is the size of each piece of equipment. Most people are unaware that the size of the softener affects. The frequency of regeneration in turn plays a huge role in the quality of soft water.

  • The size of the water softener should be considered. After you put in enough thought on the gallons per minute or flow rate of water.  Thus if you are keen on installing water softening plants, it is essential to understand your requirements well. Moreover, you should make it a point to undertake AMC- annual maintenance contract for minimizing downtime and running cost.

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