Water Softeners: Working Principle, Maintenance Tips & Importance


Water softening plants in Kolkata consist of water softeners used in treating the hardness of water by removing particular minerals that make water unsuitable for domestic use. 

Here Is Some Importance Of Water Softeners And Their Importance:

  • Reduce the hardness of water by eliminating calcium and magnesium ions through ion-exchange methods.

  • With the incorporation of anti-scale ions, the water softeners transform calcium ions into calcium crystals. These crystals are very stable and do not attach to fixtures, cracks, pipes, and appliances.

  • Soft water produces a rich lather which is helpful as you do not have to use an excessive amount of shampoo or soap.

  • Increases the efficiency of household equipment like dishwashers,  ice makers along with coffee machines, washing machines, water heaters, etc.

  • Washing clothes with treated and soft water makes your clothes’ fabrics stay longer.

Tips For Easy Maintenance Of Water Softeners:

  • Keep A Check On The Salt Level: The most important reason for checking the salt level is to avoid getting hard water. We are all aware of all the hard water issues, thus occasionally checking saltwater levels will be a good idea. Depending on the equipment you can maintain the frequency of checking.

  • Clean The Brine Tank: Cleaning the brine tank once in a while, makes the functioning of the water softeners smooth. Do not forget to read the instruction manual of the equipment before proceeding with the cleaning process. You can schedule maintenance every 6-12 months.

  • Check Out The Salt Bridges: When you use the water softener, you may notice a layer of a hardened salt bridge in the brine tank. If you are using poor quality salt, or there is high humidity or temperature, it can create salt bridges. This only ensures that you clean the salt bridges carefully as improper cleaning can damage the walls of the softener.

  • Flush The Resin Bed: You can flush the resin beds after frequent intervals with a water softener cleaner. It loses its efficiency as a result of the presence of iron, heavy metals, and other organic compounds. To maintain the efficiency of the softener, clean the resin bed once in a while.

Difference Between Mineral Water Plant And Packaged Drinking Water Plant:

There is a burning discussion about the difference between mineral water plants and packaged drinking water plants. The packaged drinking water uses the groundwater through bore wells as the main source of water. On the other hand, miner water plants use water from mountain spring water or any other natural resources. So, all in all, designing water treatment plants has become extremely common these days for getting access to clean and safe drinking water. It will prove to be a huge blessing for society.

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