Home Water Purification Process Using Water Softeners: Facts To Know

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Maintaining water quality is an aspect. Hard water can cause extreme havoc. It leads to the clogging of pipes and thereby reducing the water pressure. In a bid to increase it, more electricity and more power are needed. This further contributes to growing bills and shortens the lifespan of home appliances. The scale build-up in the pipes reduces the flow. Moreover, the higher the water temperature more quickly will the calcium and magnesium ions solidify. Thus, treating hard water through water softening plants in Kolkata will help in softening it and making it fit for household purposes.

How to Measure the Hardness of Water?

The universal method to measure the hardness of water is in grain/gallon. In simpler terms, a grain of hardness is equivalent to 1/7,000 pounds of rock. Water softeners calculate the grain capacity of water to be treated before the underground process. Grain capacity refers to the maximum limit of the number of grains of water hardness that the unit needs to remove before water regeneration.

What Is The Common Misconception Regarding Water Softeners?

There are many people who are of the view that water softeners waste a lot of water. But this is far from the truth. Previously, this may have been true but at present water, softeners are highly efficient, with modern features and upgraded technology.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Water Softening Plants?

  • With the addition of anti-scale ions, the water softeners transform calcium ions into calcium crystals. These crystals are very stable and do not attach to fixtures, cracks, pipes, and appliances.

  • Washing clothes with treated and soft water makes your clothes’ fabrics stay longer.

  • Soft water produces a rich lather which is helpful as you do not have to use an excessive amount of shampoo or soap.

  • Increases the efficiency of household equipment like dishwashers,  ice makers along with coffee machines, washing machines, water heaters, etc.

To get a continuous supply of clean water, the water softeners go through clearing off the settled particles on its bed. This process is known as a regeneration cycle where incoming water replaces the hard particles. This process can take time anywhere between 30 minutes or more and unlike common belief, it usually does not harm the working plumbing systems

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