Things To Know About Broiler Poultry Feed

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It is vital to know how and what to feed your poultries. Get nutritious feeds from the top Poultry Feed Plant in Kolkata for the better growth of poultries.

The broiler poultries are raised mainly for the commercial meat production. The poultry farm owners get a high profit on selling the broiler poultries to the meat shops. Since, these poultries are consumed so it very important to feed them with nutritious stuffs. This means a quality breeding is necessary for a good production and for maintaining the profitable business of broiler poultry farming. The broilers need more protein and energy content in their feeds. The foremost difference between the layer poultry feeds and the broiler poultry feed lay in the point that broiler poultries need more nutrient rich ingredients in their food

Before purchasing the food packages for the broilers, the owner must check out the ingredients of it in order to get the right one. The most wholesome food packages for the broilers are supplied to the market shops in huge quantities by the best Poultry Feed Plant In Kolkata. The best quality and the most nutrient rich ingredients are collected and used by the plant to make these stuffs. This kind of commercial poultry feed stuffs are ideal for the good health of the poultries especially for the broiler ones. Feed your broiler chickens with some added energy supplemented foods mainly during the winter days because in these days they need more amount of energy for keeping their body warm. The best quality packages give adequate amount of energy.

Adequate amount of proteins are also vital. The broilers grow with a faster pace as compared to the others. They need more proteins in their feeds than the layer poultries. Extra protein contents make the feeds more expensive. Both vegetable and animal proteins can be added to the food products. Meat meal, fish meal, liver, milk, etc are the best sources of animal proteins. Different types of vegetables, corns, grains, etc provide the needed proteins for the broiler poultries. It must be also ensured that the availability of adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins is there in their feeds. For preparing a balanced foodstuff for the broiler poultries, the feed ingredients have to be mixed in proper ratios. The appropriate and nutritious diet plan is here: –

  1. For the poultries, aged between one to four weeks must be fed with food that contains 47 percent broken wheat, 20 percent rice bran, 13 percent sesame cake, 18 percent Kipper Fish Powder, 1.25 percent of Bone Powder, 0.5 percent of salt, and 0.25 percent of Premix (Vitamins and minerals).
  2. For the finishers that is this the poultries aged between four to eight weeks should be given the feeds that contains 52 percent broken wheat, 18 percent rice bran,  12 percent sesame cake, 15 percent kipper fish powder, 1 percent bone powder, 1.25 percent oyster shell powder, 0.5 percentage of salt, , and 0.25 percent of Premix (minerals and vitamins).

Adequate quantity of fresh and clean consumable water is very much important for the broilers. Generally, the broiler poultries take in more water as compared to the layer poultries. Thus, along with the poultry feed quality, it must be always ensured that enough quantity of fresh drinking water is there for them. Not only for birds or poultries, the most reputed Poultry And Cattle Feed Plant in the city makes the use of the best quality ingredients for making the feed packages for the animals.