Corrugated Carton Manufacturing Process With Machineries


The Corrugated Carton Manufacturing Plant in Kolkata makes the use of the most advanced machineries for producing large number of the cartons at a time.

The best Corrugated Carton Manufacturing Plant in Kolkata produces huge number of the cartons for supplying the other companies for packaging goods and freights. Generally, corrugated cartons are used to ship packaging materials and other containers like boxes, food boxes, pizza boxes, household objects, etc. For making strong cartons to hold heavy materials as well, advanced machineries are required to be incorporated in the manufacturing plants. Here’s the entire manufacturing process with different machines.

  1. Firstly, the plat requires to look for the sources of the raw materials for manufacturing the corrugated cartons. If the plant is having a big order for the cartons, the advanced machines are mandatory in a plant. The most important machine that is needed include the 3 or 5 or 7 ply corrugated board making machines. Besides the machineries, the plant has to make many other investments and effort to satisfy the client by producing the best quality cartons in the orders quantity.
  2. After the corrugated carton boards are ready, the cartons have to be made. For this, corrugated cartons making machines are required. Corrugated board rolls are the raw materials for making the cartons or the boxes. The plant purchases the particular dimension corrugated board rolls and then cut these into the corrugated sheets of the required length to fold the cartons. Sometimes the manufacturer can also supply the corrugated sheets to the other manufacturing companies too. For bringing the sheets into the specific sizes, the plant uses the feature-packed corrugated sheet cutting-off machine. The machine has slim cutting knives on the rotary rolls. The manufacturer sets the velocity at its control panel for getting the particular length of corrugated sheets.
  3. After the cutting is done, these corrugated sheets are put into the flexo printing machines for printing the creative graphic designs on their surfaces. The machine needs a lot of skills for operating it. One needs to blend the ink and then adjust the printing roll prior to printing.
  4. After the printing is done, the paper sheets are transported into the scorer and the slitter. The scoring and the slitting machines help to slit the sheets into the exact lengths of the corrugated boxes and scores the furrow for getting the flaps of the boxes. Mechanized slim blade slitter and scorer help in adjusting the offset of the blade on the PLC control panel for slitting and scoring different sizes.
  5. After the scoring the slitting is finished, the sheets with the exact dimensions of the corrugated boxes are ready. Now, The machines are needed to be selected for producing different boxes or cartons. If the customer needs regular slotted cartons to ship or package containers or other materials then the manufacturer can choose an automatic creaser and a slotter. If the customer has ordered for the corrugated cartons for packaging shoes, pizzas, jewelleries, cups, etc, then the manufacturer needs to select the right rotary die-cutting machine for the corrugated boxes. This machine cuts the prepared sheets into the desired shapes.
  6. After completing the slotting and the cutting, the flaps of the cartons are glued or stitched together for folding the boxes or the cartons.

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