Complete System Of The Best Food Processing plant in Kolkata


The best food processing plant in Kolkata is equipped with modern and advanced machines to produce the finest quality of different food products.

Food processing is the alteration of the raw or cooked edible ingredients into preservative forms by using different physical or chemical means. The entire procedure combines the unprocessed ingredients to produce marketable edible products which can be prepared and served to the consumers without any hesitation. The workers in the most reputed Food Processing Plant in Kolkata are given the responsibility of operating the food processing machines and monitoring both the progress and the quality of the produced food products. Checking and weighing of the packages are also done before supplying. The whole process is carried out in a clean and hygienic environment.

What are the performance parameters of food processing?

A well known plant must consider the following parameters for better performance.

  • Hygiene which can be measured by the number of the micro-organisms in one ml of the finished food product.
  • Energy efficiency – for example measured by the ton of the steam in one ton of sugar that is produced.
  • Minimizing the amount of waste which for example is measured by the percentage of the peeling loss while peeling potatoes.
  • Labour used – for example, the number of hours spent on one ton of finished product.
  • Minimization of maintenance stops – For example measured by the number of hours spent between the cleaning stops.

Trends in a modern food processing plant: –

Hygiene: –

The painstaking application of the plant and the government sanctioned standards for minimising the possible hazards and risk. HACCP is the adopted international standard.

Efficiency: –  

  • Increasing energy costs shows the way to the rising usage of the energy-saving technologies, for example the frequency converters on the electrical drives, energy recovery systems, heat insulation of the factory buildings and the heated vessels, keeping only one fish frozen all along the way from one place to the other.
  • Factory automation systems reduce the personnel costs and can lead to more stable results of the whole production.

Candies and lollipops are one of the most demanding products of the best plant in the city. Special machines are there for the manufacturing process of this product. The machines are best in terms of features and quality. These machines are designed by considering diverse factors in mind such as easy operations, high output without any wastage, low maintenance, etc. For making candy and lollipop, the best Candy And Lollypop Making Plant in Kolkata is offered the complete range from commercial kitchen equipments to the forming and the packaging machines so that the customers are able to receive complete solutions under a single roof only. The entire range is made available in different technical specifications that can be customized according to the requirement of the plant for making the sweet stuffs. Some of the machines are a dissolving tank, vacuum batch cooker, batch former, sizing machine, plast-o-plast sweet forming machine, candy wrapping machine, ball lollipop forming machine, vibratory cooling tunnel, rotary kneading machine, cooling conveyor, automatic pillow pack machine, rope sizer and a few more. The machines are quite large in size to make huge number of the products at a time to supply in massive numbers.