Dietary And Nutrient Rich Food Products For Livestock



The Cattle Feed Meal Plant in Kolkata supplies feed products with adequate amount of balanced diets which are free of toxins and contaminants. These are essential to improve the productivity and welfare. Every edible product supplied by the plant can be digested by the livestock with ease.

Different animals need different food products to stay hale and hearty. Besides considering the difference in types of species, variations of the places should also be considered while buying the feeds for the animal. Like the growing ones need to feed on the products that will boost up their growth. An animal will work potentially only if fed with nourishing edibles. But the feeding should be done up to an optimum level only.

Overfeeding can be the reason of obesity and many other health problems. Even these problems can be faced if the animals are left underfed. The perfect maintenance ration is the accurate quantity that will allow the animal to dwell in fit and fine condition. The balanced maintenance ration means a proper proportionate diet menu for the livestock.

Wholesome Meals Raise Milk Production By Cattle.

Different cattle feed on different meals. Most of the cattle feed on products that are enriched with forages like grass, silage, legumes, etc. For pasture fed animals, products that are rich in grass are bought. Cattle that are fattened in feedlots are fed with little amounts of hay supplemented mainly with grains, soy and some other ingredients which can increase the energy density of the diet.

The compound cattle feed is actually a blend or mixture of varieties of concentrated feed ingredients in suitable proportions. Some of the key components are bran, grains, protein rich meals, agro-industrial by-products, vitamins and minerals. This form of feed product is referred to as an economical source of supplements that can be made in the form of pellets, mash, cubes, crumbles, etc. The amalgamated form of feeds is palatable and excellent source of nutrients that enhance growth of the small ones and are good for the ones carrying a child inside.

The Cattle Feed Meal Plant in Kolkata makes every feed according to the specifications by the cattle nutritionists. These feeds provide animals with the carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fibre and minerals which they need.

Types of cattle minerals and feed are:-

Minerals appear in two distinct forms:-

  • Block minerals are the solid blocks that are licked by the livestock.
  • Loose minerals are offered by separate mineral feeders or supplemented to feed just in the way people add salt to food.

Cattle feeds are found in three different forms which are as follows:-

  • The sweet feeds are seen in the form of fresh grains and pellets.
  • Pelletized form of feed contains the ingredients which are milled.
  • The block feeds have the elements which are milled and formed into the solid blocks.

Obtain Desired Growth Rate With Nutritious Poultry Feeds.

Poultry feeds are the healthiest edible products for farm poultry including ducks, chicken, geese and other domestic birds. In the olden days, poultries were fed upon insects, grains, etc that were found scattered around.

Nowadays, the plants use the advanced machines to add essential minerals and proteins supplements to the raw products in tonnes to meet the excessive demands of these healthy food stuffs for the poultry. The Poultry Feed Plant in Kolkata produces the most sustainable quality of finished poultry feeds and packs in different sized packages before supplying. There are different feeds that can be served to the poultries. These are:-

  • The starter feed.
  • The layer feed.
  • The grower feed.
  • Mash.
  • Pellets.
  • Crumbles.
  • Shell grits.
  • Fermented feed.
  • Broiler varieties.

It is truly very important to explore and know the different types of food with different compositions and amounts before feeding the livestock. It is mandatory to find the feed that will fit your cattle’s requirements.