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Bottled Goodness – Benefits of Bottled Mineral Water

When you are thinking to opt for a healthy diet regime, including mineral water in your food list will be a good idea. Water is extremely necessary for your health. To lead a healthy life one must take care of the water he/she is consuming every day. Mineral water contains some essential minerals that prove to be beneficial for the person who is consuming it on regular basis. It is completely free from chemicals and preservatives.

The increasing number of packaged drinking water plant is enough to indicate the fact that the demand of safe and better water is increasing rapidly. People are becoming more conscious about their health and what will be good for them.package drinking water

Before you decide if you should make it a part of your daily diet chart you need to know what benefits it does offer.

Benefits of Mineral Water

• Daily consumption of mineral water helps you to lose weight. Obesity is becoming an issue of concern in the whole world. If you are thinking to lose some weight and stay healthy, regular consumption of bottled mineral water is a good idea that will be helpful for you. To stay hydrated you often consume the water that has added sugar and preservatives. Unlike any other fluid, soda or juice, it will be healthy choice to opt for mineral water. It does not carry any preservatives and it will be helpful too in lose weight.

• Daily drinking of mineral water controls the rate and effects of high blood pressure and cholesterol. The high level of magnesium that is present in the mineral water helps to maintain blood pressure. Potassium and magnesium help to reduce the LDL cholesterol in the blood that is often responsible for heart diseases.

• If you add mineral water in your diet regime it is going to be helpful to digest. Sulphate stimulates the flow of enzymes and it makes the digestion process easier.

• It also helps to retain the softness and colour of your skin. Mineral water is also helpful to keep up the bone health.
Drink healthy and stay fit.

An overview on the packaged drinking water initiative

Be careful of the water you drink

Drinking water must be free of all contaminants. The growing number of diseases due to the drinking of contaminated water has made it essential that every person take every necessary precaution to ensure that the water one is drinking is safe. If it is not done, the one which gives life will be reason behind loss of it.

Using filter or using conventional method of boiling is good when one is consuming water at home, or carrying water outside in a water bottle. However, one can never ensure that all along the day one will not be drinking water from any outside source. If such a need arises, it is better to buy packaged drinking water which definitely is a much better alternative to the roadside tap water. package-drinking-water

Setting up a packaged drinking water plant
The importance of packaged drinking water and the increase in the demand for mineral water has resulted in setting up of many packaged drinking water plant all across the nation. There are many national and international beverage brands which are marketing packaged drinking water of high quality.

Besides these, there are other regional brands available as well which are providing good quality water to the people of the region. While it is indeed an attractive business proposition, setting up a packaged drinking water plant takes a lot of planning and research. Here is a list of the lings one need to consider before embarking on the mission of setting up one’s own packaged drinking water plant –

Location – The location need to be chosen carefully for the plant. The land should be available for the purpose and also must have a proper water resource easily available.

Blueprint – The blueprint of the plant need to prepared keeping in mind additional changes in future if needed. Also the floor space required by each machine used for purification and bottling purpose need to be calculated and a layout need to be made outlining the flow of operation.

Transport – Transporting packaged water to the market is essential. So it is better to set up a plant at a place which has good communication with the nearby town areas.

Why packaged drinking water is better than tap water

This plant is a water based company that caters to the need for clean water or mineral water. Packaged drinking water plant includes DM plant, sewage treatment plant and many other forms of plants that are used to purify or produce water and are made them drinkable. Priti international is a mineral water plant that uses various water
purification methods to provide you with clean and drinking water. Water treatment process is a must before it is safe for drinking or any other hygienic purposes.mineral water plant

There are 2 model types that include economic model and premium model. There are 500 LPH, 1000LPH, 1500LPH, 2000LPH, 3000LPH models.     Bottled water is a very smart choice. According to the international bottled water association, they have laid down some rules and limitations that are to be followed before they are bottled and packaged.  Safety measures are adopted to purify the water and make them drinkable.Priti International has other industrial products including the mineral water plant, soda water plant, fruit juice plant, bakery plant, wafer and bakery plant, candy and chocolate plants, flour mill on a turnkey basis and finally poultry and cattle feed mill. It also have water treatment plants under their belt. That helps in cleaning the water and make them drinkable.

Bottled water is known to restore confidence in users. Various safety measures are adopted to make them pure before they are ready for consumption. The bottled water treatment works in a different way to clear water impurities in water. Steam distillation is cost effective. Distilled process includes removing of impurities from the distilled water. Steam distilling water is a process where impurities from water isremoved to make them safe, clean and drinkable.Priti International is a packaged drinking water plant that helps in cleaning water impurities.

Facts to know before setting up a packaged drinking water plant

Which is the best source of drinking water
The debate about the best drinking water and the purest source of water is probably an eternal one. The fact that tap water contains a considerable amount of heavy metals and this has harmful effects on human health. However, the chemicals used in the packaged drinking water plant and the various water treatment facilities have come under scrutiny time and again. The situation is quite perplexing. The distilled water so far is termed as the purest form of water void of any chemical or other contaminating substance, but distilled water also does not provide any health benefit. It is agreed upon by almost every nutritionist, expert and doctor that mineral water is a much healthier alternative to distilled water. The finding certainly is the motivating factor behind the shift in trend among the packaged drinking water plant owners from producing distilled water to production of mineral water for general consumption.images
What to consider before setting up water purification and bottling plant
The increasing health hazards as a result of consumption of low quality water has resulted in governments across almost every nation in the world making it mandatory for the packaged drinking water plants to adhere to certain minimum quality control standards, and rightly so. A number of factors need to be considered while setting up a water purification and packaging plant in order to get government clearance.

  • Location – The location is one of the most important factors since it decides the quality of water which will be available for processing. Keeping in view the overall profitability, it is better for any businessman to check the quality of the locally available water and settle for the location which has the least contaminated water.
  • Purification method – The purification mechanism should be built to suit international standard. Curtailing in this segment might lead to extreme loss in brand image if the packaged drinking water is found to be contaminated.
  • Bottling plant – It is best if one keeps the bottling unit under one’s own control as this ensures quality maintenance while bottling the water.

Almost every beverage company has a brand of packaged mineral water. Thus it is important that a new entrant set up the packaged drinking water plant near a market which has still not been tapped by the big players.