An overview on the packaged drinking water initiative

Be careful of the water you drink

Drinking water must be free of all contaminants. The growing number of diseases due to the drinking of contaminated water has made it essential that every person take every necessary precaution to ensure that the water one is drinking is safe. If it is not done, the one which gives life will be reason behind loss of it.

Using filter or using conventional method of boiling is good when one is consuming water at home, or carrying water outside in a water bottle. However, one can never ensure that all along the day one will not be drinking water from any outside source. If such a need arises, it is better to buy packaged drinking water which definitely is a much better alternative to the roadside tap water. package-drinking-water

Setting up a packaged drinking water plant
The importance of packaged drinking water and the increase in the demand for mineral water has resulted in setting up of many packaged drinking water plant all across the nation. There are many national and international beverage brands which are marketing packaged drinking water of high quality.

Besides these, there are other regional brands available as well which are providing good quality water to the people of the region. While it is indeed an attractive business proposition, setting up a packaged drinking water plant takes a lot of planning and research. Here is a list of the lings one need to consider before embarking on the mission of setting up one’s own packaged drinking water plant –

Location – The location need to be chosen carefully for the plant. The land should be available for the purpose and also must have a proper water resource easily available.

Blueprint – The blueprint of the plant need to prepared keeping in mind additional changes in future if needed. Also the floor space required by each machine used for purification and bottling purpose need to be calculated and a layout need to be made outlining the flow of operation.

Transport – Transporting packaged water to the market is essential. So it is better to set up a plant at a place which has good communication with the nearby town areas.