Let the World Know Facts of your Cookie Love

biscuit and cookies plant in kolkataAre you a baker? Well most people are, right? But are you a serious baker? A baker whose biscuits make people fall in love, exalt in joy, run around in merriment. If you are then you should not hoard your super powers. Share it with the world. Love increase in volume the more you share it. Well let’s not beat around the bush too much, the point I am trying to get at is that you should open up your own biscuit and cookies plant in Kolkata.

That seems like a job for a professional. There are few things you need to keep in mind before you take the all-important step. How do you make your cookies from the plant as delicious as you make them in home? Are people going to like the cookies that come out of your plant? Are people going to fall in love? To keep up your levels of the product and to make your business profitable here is some unrequited knowledge.

1. Make your Products from Scratch – A very important step in controlling the quality of your product is controlling every aspect of production. You need a flour mill plant conveying in Kolkata to get the highest quality of flour possible. If your flour is good, with the correct proportions of gluten and fibre, your cookies and biscuits would be heavenly.

2. Do not Compromise on Quality – Another very important step for a profitable cookies and biscuit company is the quality of the product. Suppose you shell out a batch of cookies and that batch is not perfect. Do not sell them. Give them away to your friends, feed them to the neighbourhood dog, ground them up and make a cheesecake base with it but do not sell it. It takes a lifetime to build a brand and a bad biscuit to ruin it.

3. Sell your Product at a Competitive Market Price – Currently in Kolkata cookies from all over the world are available at a fairly cheap price. You need to enter the market with a price that is lower to at par with the competition. I know it seems like a stupid decision now but incur losses first, get an investor, Increase your market value rather than your profits.

4.  Set up a grand Public relation Campaign – A business is as successful as its name is. A biscuit made by an already reputed biscuit manufacturer is going to be more desirable to the consumer than yours. But with a good public relations campaign your brand can become desirable instantly. Get a celebrity to taste your biscuit and record their praises. Do a massive social media campaign. Make viral videos about them. Whatever you do, make them a household familiarity.

You must be saying “This seems like a lot of work.” well I told you in the beginning, share your love with the world it will only increase. Setup a vertically sufficient plant and shell out your little dollops of joy.