Know How Biscuits or Cookies Are Baked In the Biscuit Making Plant

biscuit making plant

Biscuits are one of the traditional kind of confectionery which were and still prepared in every domestic kitchen. But now along with it many biscuit making plant in Kolkata emerged where these are made in large scale. Mostly these plants are large and include a different kind of mechanisms for production biscuits and cookies.

How these biscuits are baked?

The mechanisms which are used to bake the biscuits and cookies depend upon high scale technology. As mainly in these industries, men are required to operate the machines, so they need to be very qualified and skilled in their job. During their training period, it is important that they must learn how and what kind of ingredients it is important to include in making biscuits and cookies.

Two kinds of dough used is making biscuits

Two types of dough are there basically for making biscuits, either hard or soft. The difference between the two dough is basically determined by the quantity of water required to prepare a dough.

For the hard dough, it required more amount of water and less amount of low-fat materials to be included in the dough. The dough happens to be very tough and it can easily be pulled out without instantly breaking. The biscuits are generally of crackers or either in the group and are known as semi- sweet or hard sweet.

Soft dough, on the other hand, needs less water but the level of sugar and fat contain is relatively high than hard dough. These biscuits are of soft types and are known as ‘cookies’.

The machinery which is used to make the biscuits depends on the type of dough taken as well as on the structure of the biscuits in these plants. The second process in biscuit plants includes packaging the baked biscuits which are an essential part of their work.

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