Biscuit Making – Profitable Small Business Idea

biscuit making plant in kolkata

Biscuit making no doubt could be a profitable business and can be started as a small scale business also. In this business, it is possible that any entrepreneur can start up with a very minimum amount of capital. Despite that there do already exist many large biscuit making plant in Kolkata, one still can opt for setting up a small business because the demand of biscuits and bakeries are rising day by day. Another reason for the high demand is that people still prefer to buy fresh biscuits from the bakery at cheaper rates. So, due to these reasons, they are able to beat the competition against the large plants.

Machines Required

There are many machines that are required for any biscuit making plant like dough mixer, rotary molder, rotary cutter, baking oven for biscuits, oil sprayer, biscuit sandwiching machine. There are many biscuit machinery suppliers in Kolkata from where you can buy these machines. It is important that you buy the machines from a very reliable and renowned supplier.

Raw Materials Required

As we all know that the primary raw material required for biscuit making is wheat flour. This item is not sufficient to prepare the biscuits. Along with that, there are several other factors which are required such as yeast, sugar, milk powder, salt, flavours and much more. Another very important raw material element which is required to prepare biscuits is packaging elements. Proper packaging is important otherwise, the biscuits will lose its crispness. The process of manufacturing biscuits is very simple.

Business Registration

Once you have decided and accumulated capital you must acquire all kind of raw materials and machines for the plant. But wait; did you register your company? Is your plant is legal? If not then it is important that you follow all the necessary details and patterns to acquire the ownership and register your firm accordingly with Register of Companies. Get a valid trading license and as it is a food item then you must also need a valid license from FSSAI to run the plant. As it is a commercial biscuit making company so it is important that you take up an NOC from Pollution Control Board.

Marketing Opportunity

No doubt that biscuit market has a promising growth in near future. To increase the business market, it is important that you make an effective and strategic plan about selling the biscuits and its pricing strategy as well. It is indeed that biscuit market is dominating the entire food market with its innovative packaging style and also health consciousness among consumers.

Another very important factor you must consider before starting up a biscuit manufacturing company is that you must possess some knowledge about biscuit manufacturing.