How to start a small scale and successful biscuit making plant

 biscuit making plant in kolkata , Biscuit and cookies plant in kolkata


Biscuits and cookies are one of the most favourite delicacies of all. However, you can turn this into a very profitable business venture. Biscuits are the most common item of consumption by the public, they are nutritious and can be preserved for a longer time period. To be able to run a successful and full functioning biscuit and cookies plant in Kolkata, you have to follow some of these steps one after the other.


1. Analyzing market opportunity : The market for biscuits is very promising since it is one of the most popular snack items. Therefore, you can easily expect high business growth in this sector. Its success depends upon constructive decision making and implementation, strategic planning and execution. Only this can allow more future growth.

For any business to flourish, you have to

conduct a thorough market analysis for better results. Before engaging in this field, you have to devise several innovative ways to sell more quantities of packets as well as attract more number of customers. The success of any plant depends upon how well you conduct the marketing. This also comprises of discovering attractive packaging, introducing new flavours and taste for customer satisfaction. Moreover, the rising health consciousness among people has forced many brands to shift to food items that promote good health. You can also try advertising on an electronic medium or offer eatables at cheaper prices for effective results.


2. Determining the product : After you have fully researched the local market, it is time to determine the product. Biscuits can be carried easily by the people, they are tasty and is priced reasonably. Nowadays, in the market, a different variety of biscuits are available for consumers. That is why you need to sell a unique type of biscuit to gain more revenue. You have to determine and fix the size, shape, colour and moulding of the biscuit for a better taste. Only a new and unique recipe of cooking will attract all.


3. Preparing the business plan : Another significant concern, for any business to succeed, you need to have a full-proof and detailed business plan at hand. You can have a customized drawing that will help you take your proceedings further. Nowadays, with the introduction of new software, you can gather a total profit-loss calculation of your business as well as the average financial cost of the plant.


4.  Certification : For the smooth running of the business, you, as the owner should register the business. This is another primary concern that plays a great deal for a plant to function. Apart from the proprietorship operation, you need to register with the state ROC as an LLP or a Pvt Ltd. Besides, you also have to collect the government subsidy and arrange for any excess or added financial necessity.
5. Setting up the plant : Any small scale to big scale plant should have separate areas for storage, production, packaging as well as any official work. The production capacity will decide the size of the plant.

You will also require some of the basic equipment and machinery for the biscuit making plant in Kolkata
• Roll sheeter
• Automatic roller cutting machine
• Sugar grinding machine
• Oil spraying machine for salted machine
• Horizontal mixing machine
• Biscuit grinder
• Syrup machine with motors
• Cooling conveyor
• Extra brass roller for rotary cutting machine

6. Arranging raw materials : You also need to ensure a regular, continuous supply of wheat flour for the production of the biscuits. Things like yeast, sugar, milk powder, edible colors, ghee, flavours etc should always be kept in stock.  Apart from being cautious about collecting ingredients, it is also important that the owner thinks how effectively the consumables can be packed. You have to arrange for moisture-proof packaging to supply the biscuits in bulk over a long distance.

7. Quality controlling : Quality Control and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is another key consideration that will allow the plant to continue its production for a longer time. You need to produce the biscuits while maintaining the BIS specifications as well as test the product sufficiently before packing it.