Known, Unknown and Little-known Facts about Water Plant

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Can we ever think of a world without water? Water is perhaps the greatest human need ever. The quest for access to good and healthy drinking water is always on the anvil of every research and development. This is the reason why Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata are striving to reach good water to the public.

Here are some known, unknown and little known facts about water

1)  There is always a quest for fresh water. However did you know that 68.7% of Earth’s fresh water is trapped amidst glaciers and 30% of it is in ground. And it is in Antartica that 90% of world’s fresh water is available.

2)  If you eat a cucumber for the purpose of hydration because it has 95% water content, you can think of jelly fish too! Okay, jokes apart, jelly fish does have 95% water content.

3)  And if you stumped about the jelly fish bit, then think of this fact – the human brain is 70% water.

4)  Human body is all about water, nearly 66% of it is so and it is not a surprise that even though human beings can live without food for about a month, they can only live for about a week without water.

5)  Near about 780 million people across the world lack access to safe and improved water source.

6)  Most of the fresh global ground water is taken up by agriculture. The figure is 70% for most countries and near about 90% for fast developing nations

7)  It is a surprising that our Earth has the water amount same as it had millions of years ago – in different forms but water nevertheless.

8)  80% of the diseases in developing nations are waterborne.

9)  Next time when you go in for that mug of beer be reminded that there is a need of about 20 gallons of water to produce a pint of beer.

10)  And feel a bit less guilty while consuming tea than coffee because producing coffee requires more than double the amount of water than tea.

11)  Manufacturing of 1 tonne of steel requires 300 tons water.

12)  Yes, human history is full of water related conflicts and there have been 265 incidences of water related conflicts between 3000 BCE to 2012 AD.

13)  If we could ever fit in the entire water of the world to a jug of 4 litres then available fresh water would account for about one tablespoon.

14)  Were you aware that a swimming pool of average size loses naturally about 3785 liters of water through evaporation per month.

15)  According to estimated by United Nations, about two thirds of the population of the world would face a water crisis by 2025.


These are little fascinating facts of water that reiterates the belief that water is indeed precious and everyone tries their best to reach good water to the population – be it a Water Plant consultant in Kolkata or the government of a state.