A Detailed Comparison of Tap Water vs. Bottled Mineral Water


Walking back on the sands of time, you get to see that the primary source of water a few years back was from the taps that carried water at regulated intervals. But through the years, there has been an advent of a number of water borne diseases that have posed to be a threat to the life of the common masses. The rapid technological advancement in the Indian subcontinent resulted in the onset of the packaging drinking water machine in India.

Bottled mineral water has reaped several benefits of its own and has thus become a vital part of the daily food and water habits of the common masses. Before we proceed to the benefits of mineral drinking water, it is essential for you to have an idea of the basic difference between tap water a packaged drinking water.

Prime points of comparison between the two

Quality of the water – Spring water that originates from its source that is embedded underground is absolutely safe and pure enough for human beings to consume right near the point where it originates. On the other hand water that is extracted from the non-spring sources are generally packaged and purified with the help of a mineral water machine and transformed into bottles for the safe consumption of people.

The quantity of lead present– Recent researches have stated that there has been considerably high amounts of lead in the normal tap water that is extracted. One of the prime reasons behind the accumulation of lead in the water is prolonged period of usage of the household pipes or the city pipes that carry the water. Packaged drinking water is prepared with the intention of providing people with lead free drinking water at all times.

Respective contaminants – Irrespective of the fact that bottled mineral water as well as tap water is purified using modern techniques, there are still certain traces of harmful contaminants that are found within them. It has been seen that these contaminants are usually not life taking, however they can become a cause of a degrading health after a certain point of time.

One of the main concerns in relation to packages drinking water is the use of plastic bottles for the purpose. Plastic, not being an eco-friendly product might pose a certain amount of danger. It is usually advised to opt for mineral water since they have a higher level of purification to them.