5 Water Toxins That Top the List in Toxification of Drink Water


An unusual rise in the levels of toxins in the drinking water is something that has increased the relevance of water purification in a short span of time. Priti International is a leading drinking water purification plant in the metropolitan city of Kolkata embedding its roots deep within the industry.

Even though people do have an idea about the water purification process, the real problem lies in the fact that they are ignorant to the types of contaminants that are present in the drinking water and needs to be eradicated.

  • Chlorine Chlorine in itself is n oxidiser and a free radical. However what surpasses it all is the creation of carcinogenic matter like Trihalomethanes which contaminates the water completely.
  • Flouride– Incorporated within the water supply as an additive byproduct, fluoride is generally known as the devil’s poison. Drastic effects of fluoride include brittleness in bones, bone cancer and enzyme inhibition that might prove to be very fatal for you in the near future.
  • Heavy metals Old pipes pose a great threat to drinking water, one of the prime reasons being the unwanted amount of lead that it carries in it. Lead is in fact, one of the most dangerous of all contaminants in case of water.
  • MTBE – Methyl tertiary butyl ether, abbreviated as MTBE is a contaminant that generally enters and seeps into water via groundwater. It is basically a gasoline additive that needs to be removed on an urgent basis.
  • Chloramines Now a common part of municipal water supplies, chloramines kill fishes that ultimately lead to the leaching of water to a great extent.

Priti International has been a prominent name in the metropolitan as a water plant manufacturer in Kolkata. The use of high tech machineries and highly advanced procedures enable consumers to derive the best quality purified water at all times. Purified water is an essential, when it comes to leading a healthy life throughout.