A Detailed Overview of the Biscuit Manufacturing Process

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Preparation of the dough

The mixing of the dough during the preparation of the dough depends on the type of biscuit that is to be manufactured. The consistency of the dough and temperature at which the dough is prepared is one of the most deciding factors that influence the quality of the biscuit. The prime machinery used during the process is a dough mixer. You can avail a spiral, vertical or horizontal mixer as per your requirements.

The Fermentation process

The entire fermentation process takes about 21 to 26 hours to be completed. The process involves the mixing of the dough with the required amount of yeast. The mixture is then left for it to be get completely fermented.

Giving the cookie the right kind of shape

Initially the dough, made from flour bought from a quality flour mill in Kolkata, is flattened to convert it into sheets which is then followed by the compression of the sheets under a number of rollers. The sheets are then hardened to apply the topping over it. The required materials are then added on to the biscuits. It is after this that a rotary cutter with cups attached to it is used to give the biscuits their desired shape. The entire process involves the usage of a rotary cutter, a gauge roll stand and laminators.

The Baking process

After attaining the desired shape, the biscuits are then transferred to a massive oven where they are baked till perfection in the required temperature. A gas oven or electricity heated or coal fired will suffice the task. The oven comprises of several heating sources and a conveyor.

Cooling and testing of the biscuits

It is essential to cool the biscuits so that they can undergo the testing process. The cooling process of the biscuits is completed in the conveyor itself. It is after this that a few samples of the biscuits are collected and send for a quality check. The testing process is carried out in a specified laboratory for all other testing apart from the manual ones.

Packaging and supply

After the completion of the cooling process, the biscuits are moved on to a packaging machine where the packing process is completed before being finally disposed into the market.