What can you feed your Poultry and Cattle to keep them healthy?

Always choose the right foods for the poultry and cattle on your farm. You can buy quality foods from the best Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant in Kolkata.

poultry and cattle feed plant

The poultry and animal feed business is now one of the biggest businesses in India’s compound feed market. The diverse portfolio of the best Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant in Kolkata includes producing the best quality poultry and cattle feeds and supplying these in different quantities and packages.

Hundreds of employees working in the plant ensure to produce the best quality feeds to keep the poultry and the cattle healthy. Every year, the plant is investing a huge amount in researching and using the best raw materials and ingredients to produce the healthiest feeds for the animals. There are different types of automatic and advanced machinery that are used for the production of these feeds. Each one of these machines has a different function. The main focus of the plant is to leverage the most cost-effective solutions for improving the animal productivity.

  • Poultry feed:

In the last few decades, India’s poultry industry has converted from the small-scale setup to large commercial farming sector. The poultry feeds and concentrates produced and supplied by the best plant in Kolkata are all formulated using the most superior quality amino acids, grains, minerals, and vitamins to address the rising demand of poultry eggs and meat. The broiler foods supplied by this plant helps to gain weight and grow much faster. This, in turn, helps to improve the ratio of feed conversion. These feeds help to meet the nutritional requirements of the poultries at every stage of their life and to optimize the production of eggs of these flocks.

  • Cattle feed:

India is the largest producer as well as the consumer of cattle milk. The cattle feeds are prepared in this plant with a good understanding of the feed practices as well as the type of breed. All these feeds contain energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in adequate amounts and in the right proportion to meet all the nutritional needs of the dairy animals on your farm. This plant offers varieties of cattle feed for enhancing the reproductive ability of the cattle, for more milk production, and for improving the overall health of the animals. The plant works together in the plant to offer the best products to obtain
higher yields.

The feed ingredients for the poultry diets are chosen as per the nutritional requirements of the poultries. The primary nutrients are required to be supplied by these dietary feeds include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The life functions of both poultry and cattle need a lot of energy that can be obtained from lipids, proteins, and starches. The feed ingredients are classified into protein meals,
cereal grains, fats, oils, feed additives, minerals, and many more raw materials like tubers and roots. So, choose your poultry and cattle feed wisely from the best producer and supplier.