Innovative do-at-home ideas to reuse Plastic Bottles

17,7Plastic bottles are manufactured using PVC molding machine on a regular basis. Alongside there are efforts to reuse old bottles. Here are some reuse ideas.

‘Reuse’ is the buzzword today. Yes, there is a growing need for plastics all across the world. There are commercial ventures that use the PVC molding machine and other related technology to make plastic bottles. Most of the commercial packaging these days make use of plastic due to its water-proof and long lasting nature. Alongside there is also a great deal of awareness of not using plastics in a rampant fashion and reuse it as much as much as is possible. Apart from several commercial techniques that are being used to reuse and recycle it, there are several ways by which little creative techniques can go a long way into making the plastic bottles and containers reusable.

1) Using Plastic bottles for gardening: This is very popular nowadays, especially in schools where little children are taught how to reuse plastic bottles for a green cause. For this the plastic 1 liter bottles may be taken. The bottles may be used either vertically or horizontally. If used vertically, a portion of the bottle lid downwards must be sliced off. Now adequate fertile soil till two third of the container may be filled. Seeds of herbs may be sowed and watered regularly. If desired, three holes may be made near the edge and with the help of strings, these little ‘plastic bottle pots’ may be hung from the balcony. The horizontal bottle style requires one to close the lid tightly, then place the bottle horizontally with a square section cut-off from the body of the bottle. Adequate soil may be inserted through this opening and then seeds may be planted.

2) Drip water bottle for small garden plants: If there are little plants which require regular watering, an used plastic bottle with just a tiny hole below may be hung over it. When filled with water, drop by drop water would drip over the plants, keeping the soil moist and not requiring daily watering.

3) Utility containers: This can be especially interesting for the children. A portion of the plastic bottle, lid downwards may be sliced off. The portion that is available now may be used for making different items: it can be painted and converted into a pencil holder. It can have embellishments stuck on it and can be converted into a beautiful flower vase.

4) Bottle Lamp: This is another innovative and interesting way to convert used bottles into something of utility and beauty. For this the used bottles which are transparent may be given a very light coating of paint. If it is a coloured transparent bottle it would be just perfect for this. For this a hole has to be made on top of the lid so as to be able to insert a string of tiny electrical lamps. When lit in a dark room, these fairy lights would really add to the beauty of the room. These are only four among the thousands of ways by which plastic bottles may be used again to contribute to the global efforts towards reusage of plastic items.

While there would be turnkey project solutions in manufacturing of plastic bottles there would also be new solutions everyday to reuse them again and again and make a productive usage of the old, used bottles.