Are Mineral Water & Packaged Water Same? Know the difference

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Although these two types of water packages are both healthy and completely safe for drinking, and both are supplied after treating well in the water plant in Kolkata, still these two differ from each other in several ways. Here are the differences between mineral water and packaged water bottles that are supplied by the water plants to the local stores for human consumption.

Just like the air, water is highly important to survive. Be it humans or any other living beings, it is impossible to live without drinking water. Gone are those days when people used to drink water from natural resources like the natural water spouts without thinking much about getting prone to different water-borne diseases. Due to industrialization and excessive pollution, the tap water that comes from the natural underground resource is no more safe for human consumption. This is the reason, several people now prefer to drink water from the packaged or the mineral water bottles.

You might have heard about mineral water and packaged drinking water. But this question is what do you consider these two types of water, the same? No, they are not the same. let’s look into the differences between mineral water and packaged water bottles here. But before that, you need to be clear about what is mineral water and what is packaged water.

Packaged Water: –

Packaged drinking water is sourced out that is treated and supplied by the packaged drinking water plant in Kolkata and all the other parts of the world. This type of water is collected by the plants from the spring water, drilled water, and the tap water. The raw or natural water is collected from these sources and is passed through a distillation process after which, the purified water is packaged in safe plastic bottles and then sealed to make sure the water is free from any germs and is completely safe for drinking.

Mineral Water: –

Mineral water is treated with minerals and some other dissolved elements like certain gases, salts, and some sulfur compounds. The minerals added to the water may be the natural minerals or the artificial minerals. Drops of these are added to balance the Ph of the water.

Now, check out their differences :-

  • Taste: –

The taste of mineral water is different from the taste of the packaged water. This is because of the mineral contents in the mineral water. Mineral water tastes somewhat like the natural water only. But, in case of the packaged water, it tastes a bit different from the mineral water and is somewhat similar to the tap water.

  • Treatment process: –

The water plants use different treatment methods to purify the water collected from different natural resources. These methods of purification help in eliminating the microbial hazards. Some of the water treatment processes include distillation, electromagnetic radiation, sedimentation, flocculation, chlorination, and filtration.

  • Cost:

The prices of the packaged water bottles are a little higher than the mineral water bottles. This is because the packaged drinking water undergoes more number of processes to get rid of all the contaminants.
So, these were the difference between the two types of bottled waters. But, in spite of so many differences, both of these are safe for drinking. Stay safe and be healthy by drinking packaged water and mineral water.