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How Chocolates Are Produced- From Plants to Chocolate Factories

Regardless of our age, we all love chocolate. It is the key ingredient for various food items like candy bars, milkshakes, cookies and many more. Despite its huge popularity, most of us are oblivious of the procedure of making these treats. The basic procedure of harvesting coca, refining it to cocoa and transportation to the candy and chocolate plant is followed by several other mechanised processes.
The following are the procedure of chocolate making:
1. Harvesting Cocoa and Cocoa processing
It starts with harvesting the coca from the evergreen cocoa tree. It is harvested manually and is a labour intensive work.
Step 1: plucking and opening the coca pods- the cocoa beans sprout of the tree and are normally a size of a football.
Step 2: fermenting the seeds- they are placed in large, heated and shallowUntitled trays usually covered with banana leaves. The beans turn brown during this process.
Step 3: drying the cocoa seeds- it takes around a week to dry when the seeds become half of their actual weight.
2. Manufacturing processes at the candy and chocolate plant
The fermented and dried cocoa beans are refined to a roasted nib by roasting and winnowing. Then they are heated into chocolate liquor. Lastly sugar and milk are added to produce the flavour.
Step 1: roasting and winnowing- they are firstly roasted and then broken into smaller pieces which are called cocoa nibs. They straining and passing through the series of sieves is known as winnowing.
Step 2: grinding the nibs- this process produces the cocoa liquor. It is the also known as the cocoa mass.
Step 3: blending cocoa liquor and moulding chocolate- the cocoa mass or powder is then blended with butter and liquor of various kinds at varying proportions to produce the different kinds of chocolates.
Milk chocolates, white chocolates and plain dark chocolates are the basic flavours available. They are further enhanced by adding dry fruits and various other flavours. The candy and chocolate plants then package and deliver these delicacies to the distributors to reach the stores to be sold to the customers.

How does water treatment plant purify waste water?

Who does not know the how much importance water has in our life? Water, the other name of life, is found in plenty in the world. But only few per cent of the water is suitable for drinking. In fact, today there is a scarcity of drinking water. To purify water and suitable for drinking, water treatment plant is very much necessary.

Used water which comes out of industries can be purified and again made it fit for drinking. Water treatment plants make it possible.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Some of the facts about the water treatment plant are as follows:

1. Water treatment is about the removal of the undesirable materials, chemicals as well as the other contaminants which make the water unhygienic.

2. The very first step is pumping the waste water in the water treatment plants. As far as the physical infrastructure is concerned they should be made of the appropriate material. Otherwise the plant will not be able to store the water and there will be leakage.

3. The next step includes screening. Debris such as trash, leaves, stones and sticks are removed from the water.

4. After screening comes the step of pre-conditioning and pre-chlorination. In the pre-chlorination process chlorine, which is known for its purifying property, is added to the water. However, one of the main problems of adding chlorine is that the taste of the water becomes really bad.

5. After all these processes are followed, pH adjustment of the water is done. The water is also filtered here.

After following the above steps, the water is finally purified and made suitable for drinking.

The growth of fruit juice plants in India

Fruit juice is very important for good health. Though soft drinks have captured the market but they come no way near to the benefits of fruit juice. In fact, the obesity epidemic which is noticed particularly among children is in part caused by the high consumption of conventional soft drinks.

Fruit Juice Plant

Fruit Juice Plant

Different fruits spell different health benefits. Such as pomegranate fruit juice is very good for healthy heart. Lemon juice is very good for skin and hair. If you can drink lemon juice regularly, there will be noticeable improvement in your skin and hair. It is also anti-acne. Acai juice is also very beneficial for the health. Anti allergic quality of the fruit is very good for health. By healthy consumption of this fruit, a person becomes decreasingly affected by allergens.

Fruit juice is prepared in fruit juice plant. There are several fruit juice plants in several parts of the country. In the plants, the fruits are processed and are made into juices and sometimes made into jams and jellies. Fruit juices require a long shelf life. If you want to establish a plant, you have to follow several rules and regulations laid down by the government.

With the growing awareness about obesity, people are switching from soft drinks to fruit juice. Hence, the demand of fruit juice is increasing every day. Thus more and more number of plants is being set up.

Scintillate Your Mood With Healthy Dark Chocolates

Apart from the fact that chocolate tastes sensationally good, now it has also been proven that it also benefits our health to a great extent. Well, in this context one point should be clearly noted that there is a thicker difference between chocolates and the healthier ones.

Not all chocolates are good for your health. One needs to figure out the basic differences between the cadburys which are found at the retail outlets which aCandy Chocolate Machinelthough taste exceptionally well but hardly have any health benefits in them.

Hence, it is better to probe the matter beforehand otherwise you may discover that the yummy and deliciously marvelous chocolate cubes which you consume on a daily basis are making you look fatter by the day.The healthy dark chocolates which are rich in antioxidants benefit our health and help us to stay happier as well as healthier for a long period of time.

Get a happier looking healthy heart : The dark chocolates decrease the blood clotting risk in the heart. This way the flow of blood in the body increases which in turn keep all the internal systems normal.Vaccum Cooker

Stress reliever : The dark chocolate is considered to be an ideal stress removing agent according to recent studies.

Control blood sugar : Dark chocolates prevent rise in blood sugar levels and thereby control it in the body.

Mood enhancer : It works wonders in relieving mental stress and improving the mood. The feel good factor which the dark chocolates usually proffer the persons with makes the consumer happy and contented.

It is to be ensured that the chocolates are prepared in an authentic candy and chocolate plant.