Setting up a mineral water plant is a lucrative option

Mineral water plant can be a great business investment

“Water, water everywhere, nor a drop to drink”. The famous line by Samuel Taylor Coleridge speaks of an ominous situation. While we are surrounded by sea on all sides, the rate of increase in water pollution is certainly making this true to a large extent. Mineral water is probably the only life saving option for travellers. With the demand of mineral water ever increasing, setting up your own mineral water plant can be a great business initiative; given you have the resource to do so.


Checklist before setting up mineral water plant

If you are planning to set up your mineral water plant and establish a proper business, be sure to check out the following points –

  • Market research and survey – If you wish your business to flourish it is very important that you do some proper research and survey to get to know about the market and the available resources as well as the competition in the market. It is very important that you know the rates at which mineral water is available in the market as well as the major suppliers and distributors and the rate at which they are being offered the mineral water bottles.

  • Decide the product basket mix – Take a survey to know what the general trend of the market you will be catering to is. At some places 1 litre bottles are more popular, while at others 5 litres or even 20 litres are sold in bulk. Then there are the regions where you need to send small pouches or 500 ml bottles. Knowing your market will help you reduce wastage and optimally use your resources.

  • Prepare plant blueprint – It is essential that you have a good idea about the size of the mineral water plant you are going to set up. Take the size of the machinery and the warehouse into consideration for this purpose. Logistics should also be pre-planned.

  • Check out the available land space in the region which suits your needs and requirements. While setting up any mineral water plant you must also take into consideration the logistics involved in sending the bottles to the market.

  • Plan the entire operation from scratch to ensure smooth functioning.