Does Soda Water have Any Health Benefit? – Find Your Answer Here

Soda water is water in which pressurized carbon dioxide is dissolved in a very low level. The characteristic fizz and slightly sour taste make it a favourite of the people who dislike the plain taste of tap water. It used to be considered as one of the main reason of many a negative effects like tooth decay, obesity and calcium depletion.

But now it is considered as one of the wholesome alternative of plain drinking water. The increasing number of soda water plants indicates towards the fact that the consumption of it is increasing as the alternative of plain water.

Soda water is a zero calorie drink that offers a number of health benefits too.minarel water plant

• The first benefit that soda water offers is that it hydrates the body like any other water. Because of the distinctive taste it has, people tend to drink more of it than the plain water.

• Soda water helps to fight the problem of digestion and helps those who have the tendency of Gallstone formation. Study has shown that the people who drink soda water on a regular basis has reported to suffer less from the problem of digestion, constipation and Gallbladder stone formation.

• Soda water, particularly the sodium rich carbonated water helps people to recover from heart diseases.

• For the women after menopause, sodium rich carbonated soda water can be extremely beneficial as it aids to weaker bones as well as to heart.

• Though studies claimed that soda water have been the reason of osteoporosis as it causes leaching of calcium through urine, further research has revealed that it was untrue.

But when you are drinking soda water you need to take care of the slight negative effects too. The use of sweetener and the preservatives in soda water can be harmful if you keep on drinking it in huge quantity. The sweetener can affect your tooth as well.

Drinking plain water is the right thing you can do. But you can also opt for soda water. You just need to take care of the amount you are consuming.