Recover Great Profit From Your HDPE And PVC Blow Molding Machine

PVC Molding Machine

An HDPE PVC molding machine is a popular procedure for manufacturing a variety of articles. Today, you will know some of its best benefits. So, keep reading. 

For any project dealing with a turnkey basis in Kolkata, there are some important factors to consider. Moreover, the blow molding machine is no exception. Taking care of a few points will help you produce a great quality product along with huge profits.

Features To Consider For Improving The Existing Blow Molding Machine

  1. Replacing old motors with energy-efficient parts can yield substantial energy savings directly. 
  2. Highly efficient parts such as a Servo motor can work as a great replacement. 
  3. Thirdly, there have been several improvements in the extrusion screw design over the years. Replacing an old extrusion screw with a new one will ultimately result in more output. Additionally, the quality will become better and less energy will be required.
  4. It would be even better if you use a grooved barrel extruder. The gearbox torque rating will be enough. 
  5. With a bigger blow molding machine, you may have to change the extruder completely. 
  6. Furthermore, there is another option of Tungsten carbide coating of the extrusion screw. Not only does it enhance the working life of extruders but also keeps the throughout constant. It offers higher performance for a longer period of time. 
  7. Worm gear type speed reducer is highly effective. You should also replace it with a helical gear-type speed reducer along with integral thrust. 
  8. One can also use lubricant oil of appropriate viscosity grade for speed reducer. 
  9. Finally, the alignment of all the parts of an extruder demands precise checking. The perfect maintenance will prevent all sorts of wear and tear. 

The Molding Conditions Of HDPE PVC Molding Machines

  • Molding temperature

The perfect temperature for the molds ranges between 70 ℉ to 130 ℉. Moreover, the significance of mold temperature is the impact on material shrinkage.

  • Nozzle temperature 

One must adjust the temperature of the nozzle from the barrel zones. It ensures that the melted PVC remains inside the injection cylinder. However, there can be a chance for the nozzle to freeze. On the other hand, excessive temperature leads to PVC leaking from the nozzle. 

  • Injecting speed

The amount of speed inside a custom injection operation depends on the mold dimension. You can generally fill the thinner parts with a higher speed. 

  • Backpressure 

Backpressure is the molten PVC that resists forward flow. Minimal back pressure ranges from 50 to 125 psi. 


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