Purified Elixir Of Life via the Finest Mineral Plants

Water Treatment Plant

The initial idea of mineral water was derived from the pure form of water that was derived from the springs in the earlier times. It was believed and at times proven that the water derived from the springs was said to have medicinal values and healing effects.

With the passage of time, these natural springs slowly gave way to mineral water plants that are presently responsible for churning out the purest form of drinking water to the common masses. The prime objective of a mineral water plant is to eliminate the hardness of the water and make it worth drinking. The setting up of a mineral water plant involves different process. It is an amalgamation of all the steps and procedures that eventually lead to the establishment of an effectual plant.

Markets that dominate packaged water consumption

Speaking of a competent turnkey project solutions in Kolkata one name that does cross your mind is Priti International. The essentiality of pure drinking water is primarily noticed in the field of food and beverages. A closer look at the scenario will help get an idea that the availability of pure drinking water has added on to the food standards as well.

One of the prime markets apart from food and beverages that has been playing a great role in the consumption of packaged drinking water is the tourism industry. This particular trend primarily got triggered off through the impact of the western culture on the Indian sub-continent. Statistics state that the demand for packaged drinking water has been on a constant hike especially since the year 2000.

The course of the entire manufacturing

The manufacturing process of packaged drinking water begins with the purification of raw water through an activated carbon filter and a sand filter. A water softener helps in the reduction of the hardness that prevails in it. A ultra-violet radiation eliminates the bacteria within it. Moving on to the bottling process the course includes:

  • Filling and capping
  • Bottle rinsing
  • Packing in cartons

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