The Complete Set-Up of a Waste Water Treatment Plant

waste water treatment plant

The main objective behind an effectual waste water treatment is to get both domestic as well as industrial wastes to be disposed out of the water. An efficient waste water treatment plant is one that carries out the entire purification process without posing to be a danger to either human beings or the environment.

Irrigation is a major sector that helps in the disposition of waste water in the best possible way. The sewage or the waste matter present within water can often be of some use in the agricultural sector. However, waste water too does need a certain amount of treatment before it can be used. The amount of treatment required or the procedures involved in it basically depends on the type of crop that is being dealt with.

Stages involved in the complete purification of wastewater

Initial screening – The initial screening process of the wastewater involves the removal of large elements in the water like napkins, bottles, plastic and other such materials that can prove to be a blockage in the equipment that is used. To make the process easier, specialized equipment is used.

Primary treatment of water – Large settlement tanks are used in this particular stage to get rid of organic human waste material that eventually sink to the bottom of the tank. These settled waste particles is generally termed as “sludge”. Scrappers are installed within that move the sludge towards the centre of the tank for further treatment.

Secondary treatment of water – It is here that the use of aeration lanes come to foreplay. Aeration lanes are large rectangular tanks used in the secondary stage of water treatment. An external pump in of air enables bacteria to penetrate the tank and remove the left behind sludge matter completely.

Final treatment process – The settlement tank accumulates the last bit of sludge in the final stages of the treatment. It is in this stage that the water is completely free from all sorts of chemicals and is hence passed through a filter containing a sand bed to get rid of any sort of additional particles that might be present.

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