Feed Cattles With Food From Poultry And Cattle Feed Plant In Kolkata

Cattle Feed Meal Plant

For the geese, chicken, cows, and ducks, the poultry and cattle feed plant in Kolkata supplies food products. For age was the most common poultry feed like a garden waste, grains, and household waste, in the earlier day. Farmers became aware of the fact that those forages were not sufficient for the flocks, with the rise of cattle feed. The need for healthy food products increased and plants started to use modern technical equipment and machines, with this realization. In recent times, these plants are producing tonnes of these stuff and started to sell these staff to the firms.

  • Add-ons of poultry feed:-

There are three types of products which includes preservation products, processing products, and nutrition products. With protein supplements, such as mineral and vitamin supplements, the cattle feed meal plant in Kolkata is producing feed for the livestock. With the growing rate, the animals are fed according to age and weight. The feeding formulas are formulated by the plant. To avoid the growth of fungus, the feed is made in a dry and kept in a clean place. The poultry can get infected, with the contaminated feed. For the poultry feed, a device called feeder is used. But to reduce the expense of raising the farm scale and individual feed, the plants are hiring the new feed machines for the preparation of the food. With the assistance of the machinery, the sealing an packing is also done after manufacturing. The food is packed in a careful way and then finally labeled with the price tags.

To keep the flocks fine and fit, feeding the poultry with proper meals is not enough. For the farming necessities, a good method is also needed, as you take care of the land too. With organic material, the pastures need to be supplied.

  • The Primary Chicken Feed Considers:

In the winter season, alfalfa is mostly preferred as a high protein meal. To avoid the soy, peas are used for the preparation of the food. The plant also uses barley wheat or oats for the preparation of food for the cattle.

  • Supplements To Be Added –

following supplements can be added-

  • Salt

  • Oyster Shell

  • Aragonite or feeding limestone

  • Fish meal

  • Crab meal

  • Grit

  • Flaxseed

  • Cultured Yeast


Compared to cattle and livestock feeding plant in other parts of the country, the feed plant in Kolkata is much more organized. You can surely take the advice of the experts of “ Priti International” for the use of machines in the plant.