Want to Set Up A Fruit Juice Plant In Kolkata? Seek Help From Here

fruit juice plant in Kolkata, Juice Plant in Kolkata

Fruits are the best source of water and minerals. They are also detoxing agents. Fruit juice, therefore, is a very commercial market that requires a plant. It is a prosperous industry. And it is never going to be out of business. Therefore setting up a Fruit Juice Plant In Kolkata is one of the best decision to prosper in the business field. Continue reading

Biscuit And Cookies Plant In Kolkata Making Delicious Snacks

Biscuit and cookies plant in Kolkata, Biscuit making plant in Kolkata

Biscuit And Cookies Plant In Kolkata is the latest project for Priti international. We all know that how much food lover Bengalis are. They constitute about 80 percent of Kolkata. And when it comes to food how can someone not talk about the snacks. So it was very much necessary to manufacture a biscuit and cookies plant in Kolkata. So Priti International has done exactly that. Continue reading

Are Mineral Water & Packaged Water Same? Know the difference

water plant in Kolkata

Although these two types of water packages are both healthy and completely safe for drinking, and both are supplied after treating well in the water plant in Kolkata, still these two differ from each other in several ways. Here are the differences between mineral water and packaged water bottles that are supplied by the water plants to the local stores for human consumption. Continue reading