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For industrial and commercial purposes, hard water poses potential problems that disrupt the working of various equipment. The performance of boilers, cooling towers and other associated types of machinery get immensely affected by the deposition of scales caused due to hard water. This is the reason why water softening plants in Kolkata are becoming an integral part of various industries.

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What are the Two Types of Water Softeners? How Can They Be Beneficial?

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Water softening plant manufacturers in  Kolkata devise water softeners keeping in mind essential features that aid in the process and increase the water quality. The main purpose of these water softeners is to remove the hardness i.e chemicals like calcium and magnesium from water through the ion-exchange method.

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Applications of Water Softeners in Various Industries and their Benefits

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Treatment of water ensures it is free from hard minerals and dissolved impurities. Proper designing of Water softening plants ensures that water suits various applications. Today water softening plants in Kolkata find use in both household work as well as commercial industries.

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Your Only Solution to Bulk Packaging Needs: Sleeve Wrapper Machines

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

A sleeve wrapper is a packaging machine designed for resistant polyethylene film packaging. It is a versatile option and package use to pack a variety of products.  We know the amount of hard work that you put into seeing your business progress is definitely commendable. Thus, even a small scratch or dent can ruin or disrupt your finished products. Sleeve wrapping or shrink wrapping ensures that your customers and clients get products in the right condition avoiding any kind of breakage or leakage.

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