Make Your Own Chicken Or Poultry Feed Plant


People who aspire for more self-sufficiency often prefer to grow own chicken or poultry feed so that you don’t lead to spending more on chicken or poultry feed. What about starting your own Chicken Feed Plant in Kolkata?

Raise Chicken on Pasture

The most important thing which you can feed your chicken or poultry is pasture.  This is one of the most common diets which they have. As more and more you provide them with fresh pasture they will stay super active and are self-sufficient to find enough insects, bugs, grasses for themselves. Basically, it is also same if you want to start Poultry Feed Plant in Kolkata.

Improve your pasture

While chicken is busy in preparing a garden at the same time you can definitely bring on some tasty surprise on the greenhouse for a change. A chicken pasture can be built in an unused lawn area. But if you don’t have a separate passage than the ordinary one will serve your work.

It is important that you must cover the entire area with some organic material.  It helps to cover up the bare ground and creates a perfect base for recycling your manure. The layer of the organic material creates a base for perfect recycling manure.  Try to keep the surface moist so that it can able to attract more insects which the chicken might eat.

Equipment which will require on the plant

If you want to set up a poultry or chicken feed plant then the most important equipment which you might need is commercial flour-mill from where you will prepare the fodder.  Also, you can grind grains which are fresh for your farm.  Also, make sure that you have enough space to store the grains. It’s important that you must have a storage bin for the grains and also a lid at the top of the bin.

Growing feed for the chickens

Try to create a small patch of seeded forage that must be protected by a length of the fence.  Make sure that you remove the fence properly when the plants are all set to use as fodder. The seeds are mixed depending upon the season.  This particular system is ideal for small flocks of chicken because the entire fodder will be consumed before it gets overly matured.  This pasture is also helpful for large pasture because they can able to taste different fodder also and it’s less expensive.

Another question arises is which are the plants you must feed them. You must do a research about it and make sure that you customize the different recopies according to it. Make sure that you also take information from the commercial farm through which you can get to know the proper amount of ingredients required.