Why You Should Package Your Drinking Water in Pouches

packaged-drinking-water-plant-blogIndia is a land of many races and faces. Ours is a land of many resources; but we are still plagued with multiple diseases. One of the leading causes of rampant malady is water-borne diseases! The quality of tap water is really poor and rendered many sick. Packaged drinking water happens to be a viable alternative to that. Ever since the nineties the packaged water industry has seen a steady growth. The more people became literate and aware about health the more they inclined towards it. The proliferation of the tourism industry too has contributed to this.

One of the great ways of selling mineral water is using a pouch. You can easily get a Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine in Kolkata with which you can pack your product to gain optimum results.
There are many reasons why selling mineral water in a pouch is a good idea. Let us now move on to discuss some of them.

It is very cost-effective.
The cost of manufacturing plastic bottles is rather high. The machine used to manufacture them costs minimum $10,000. Adding to that are the costs of raw materials like naptha whose prices are sky rocketing. Raw material used for plastic pouches cost significantly less. Since the cost per unit comes down, you can also lower the prices!

It is very practical.
Many people nowadays have filtered water at home. But there is a reason why they don’t carry bottles with them. It goes without saying that bottles are highly inconvenient. For a quick sip of water on the commute the pouch is ideal. Or imagine large congregations where people from all over the state gather in one place. With the help of pouches many people can be given access to clean water conveniently. The government itself spends a good amount for such occasions. The owner of a reputed Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata recently wrote about how he had great sales during the Kolkata book fair.

It is decomposes more easily.
A major drawback about plastic bottles is that they don’t wear off easily. The bottle caps especially take hundreds of years to decompose and end up wreacking havoc on marine life. Though not by a great extent, still plastics used for pouches are much easier to break down.

It is healthier.
Although the instructions ask people to crush the bottle after use, many reuse it. This is not good for the health. The great thing about pouches is that they have to be thrown out after the very first use. So it is a much healthier choice.