In-depth Analysis of a Fruit Juice Plant in Kolkata


Getting hold of a pack of juice definitely does not bring about the thought as to how the entire thing was manufactured and brought to the market. Given below is a detailed study of the entire process related to the manufacture of our favorite fruit juices.

  •    Required Infrastructure for the process

  • Since fruit juice extraction is done on a large scale basis, it is necessary to keep in mind that the infrastructure to be used must be multi-functional in nature. This will in turn improve the cost effective nature of the entire layout as a whole. An efficient infrastructure is what helps achieve the goals of a food plant, be it a fruit juice plant in Kolkata or in any other region. Rapid service installations too form a vital part to ensure that too much of time consumption is prevented.

  •    The layout of the entire plant

  • The layout plan of a particular firm depends on the volume or the quantity of the product that is being produced within it. While small scale productions require simple setups, you might need to build a complex structure when it comes to the technology that is being used for the purpose.

    One of the prime drawbacks pertaining to the use of inadequate infrastructure is that it often leads to the negligence of the rules that are set up by the government when it comes to hygiene and health. These are in fact the two most essential requirements that must be looked into when it comes to a food processing plant.

  •    Arena of the production sites

  • The production site of a processing plant is an area that witnesses the amalgamation of a number of different processes altogether. Right from the harboring of the products all the way to its completion. This makes the usage of proper adequate building materials all the more necessary.

    Building materials used for the purpose must be one that can be re-installed with ease without much of a hassle. Self-constructing methods are the best when it comes to a large scale food processing plant or firm. This is not just reduces the cost incurred, but saves a lot of time as well. While talking of homemade systems, re-adaptation is a great thing that needs to be considered. Given the fact that this might require a great deal of changes. To sum up the criteria required for a great food processing firm below enlisted are the most necessary of all:

    1.   Re-adaptation
    2.   Efficient infrastructure
    3.   A suitable layout plan

    With an increase in the number of processing plants these days, each enterprise strives to get the best for their clients when it comes to both quality and quantity.