3 Recipes Shared By The Food Masters Around Kolkata

Talking about candies and lollipops will make the little one feel at ease and for the depressive souls; they can surely make a bad mood feel happy. For the psychologist believes sweets consumed in the form of candies and lollipops are the ones which would create secretion of the hormone and does spell a positive band in any way. Similar is what the manufacturers of the candy & lollypop plant in Kolkata have quoted to have said.

Let’s catch up how candies can play wonders at homes or for the local shops. Actually, my nearby home runs a local candy shop for which the shopkeeper made a recent buying of the candy & lollypop plant. The purpose was to open a newly decked up number where they can ensure most of the deliciously homemade confectioneries at affordable prices. Thumbs have been up ever since they opened the shutters and not looking back. It was only a couple of months ago, I could get hold of the four recipes. Now sharing with you one at a time,

Hold your breath,

  • The Turtles:

To make them, you need twenty small quantities of mini pretzels followed by an equal quantity of chocolate covered caramel candies. This added with the 20 pieces of pecan Untitledhalves. All that was need is to preheat the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees and arrange all the pretzels on a single parchment of the cookie sheet. This to cover them with the chocolate caramel candy one at a time. The very smell leaves us in a trance when it takes only 4 minutes to bake it. Let the warm candy cool down to store it in the airtight container.

  • The Lollipop Molds:

To make lollipop moulds, all you need is chocolates, which are melted for a certain time, and the sticks inserted when the chocolate is hot. When condensed it will automatically get hardened, and for the petal shapes, a separate cutter can be used. The process needs melting, pouring of the chocolate and adding the sticks.

  • The Apple Watermelon:

Vaccum CookerJuices are a delight during the summers, more because you need to have enough fluid concentration. To make the recipe take hold of two apples and three slices of watermelon. Then follow to remove the rind from the watermelon to juice it together and then serve them. it is better to try them out as a single fruit juice. The fruit juice plant in Kolkata often mentions such recipes.