Importance and Difference Of Stretch Wrapping Vs Shrink Wrapping

semi-automatic sleeve wrapper machine

Today, the packaging industry is brimming with endless possibilities and options. According to statistics, this industry will grow at 18% annually. The demand for packaging is growing in leaps and bounds, courtesy the changing lifestyles, the increase in income, and media penetration. The two most important factors that help in successful packaging include consistency and efficiency. Thus finding the right machines becomes the basic necessity. Automatic and semi-automatic Sleeve wrapper machines are affordable solutions for organizations and businesses that will help them in their packaging requirements. When there is a need of delivering, protecting, or holding the products jointly and keeping them intact, both sleeve and stretch wrapping methods come into use.

Know the Difference Between Stretch And Shrink Wrapping-

  • Stretch Wrapping uses a stretchable plastic film that when wrapped around products, keeps them steady and intact. The elasticity of the plastic is crucial in holding the products tightly. On the other hand shrink or sleeve, wrapping involves the application of heat when packaging products.

  • The basic need for stretch wrapping is to utilize it to pallet loads and also to pack smaller items. The significance of sleeve wrapping is to protect products from weather, dust, and breaking during transportation.

  • There is a difference of specialty films that find use in stretch wrapping and range from  UV stretch wrap, vented pallet wrap, to pre-stretched film and color stretched film as well. Sleeve wrapping is convenient for food items like cheese, milk, vegetables, and meat.

  • Polyethylene plastics find use in case of stretch wrapping while sleeve wrapping requires polyolefin plastic.

Types of Sleeve Wrapping Machine-

Specifically speaking there are two types: 

  1. Fully Automatic 2. Semi Automatic-

About Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machines-

The high precision automatic sleeve wrapper machines work without any human intervention to produce high quality packaged products.  It can pack small as well as larger items without any hassle. There will no longer be any time crunch as the machines are powerful enough to shrink wrap a large number of products in time. Thus, it facilitates quality production and meeting deadlines will not be a problem anymore.

About Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machines-

These machines are mostly used by companies that deal in smaller materials that range from bottles to larger items like glass base products-fiberglass, etc. The products thus packed are very durable and there is no danger of damage.

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