How Can Turnkey Project Consultant Help You With Flour Mill Set Up?

turnkey project consultants

A turnkey contract is one where the project consultant delivers the project in its completed state. Instead of developing a project in stages, the turnkey solution provider manages the entire project starting from designing, construction till it is ready to operate. Under a traditional lump-sum contract, the owner agrees to pay the amount to the turnkey project consultant for carrying out the entire work according to his specifications.

Let us help you understand how a flour mill works and a turnkey solution providers’  contribution to it:

Main Attributes Of An Automatic Flour Mill:

Automatic flour mill plants in Kolkata have become increasingly popular as these provide a great convenience for agricultural production. Officials and turnkey project consultants at mills and plants conduct extensive research before proceeding with a project.

  • Setting The Temperature Right:

The temperature for grinding continues at 15 degrees celsius or a little below. This is the optimum temperature as most of the nutrients will remain. Thus no nutrient will go to waste which has been the primary aim.

  • Proper Cleaning Is Mandatory:

The wheat will undergo a cleaning process in order to separate it from foreign particles. The process continues over and over again so that there are no more impurities.

  • Quality Analysis:

Plates of pasta made from wheat flour machines are rich in quality, soft, and have a high nutritional value. These are much preferred by consumers due to the superfine texture.

  • Final Outcome:

The wheat passes through the aspirator machine, which functions as a vacuum cleaner. And further grinding helps to smoothen the texture with metal rollers. After this, the resultant flour becomes ready to be sold.

In this process, if you want to set up your new business venture of a flour mill plant, you can relieve yourself of the worry of setting up everything for your business. From choosing the space, budget allocations, maintenance, operations, handling, and staff, you can outsource it. This is where turnkey solution providers come to help.


You can get in touch with Priti International,  a turnkey project consultant for providing engineering services for all your designing and manufacturing needs. With them, you don’t have to worry about the execution and quality of work because their highly skilled engineers and professionals always strive towards meeting international standards. They have clients all across the country and it is through their acknowledgment that the brand has made a mark in this industry. They also design complete sets of flour mills keeping in mind customer requirements and industry specifications. So call them now to avail the right machinery.

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