Gain Momentum In Manufacturing Your Business With Molding Machines

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Plastic products are manufactured with the help of Molding machines through molding processes. There are different types of molding. Each type of molding has a definite process and serves a purpose. 

These include:

  • Blow Moulding

  • Compression Moulding

  • Extrusion Moulding

  • Injection Moulding

  • Matrix Moulding

What Is Blow Molding?

This type of molding is essential for joining hollow plastic parts. The process involves a hot, thermoplastic precursor inside a closed mold in such a way that it takes the shape of the mold cavity. It requires high temperature and hence a separate setup is important. HDPE blow molding machines are an unbeatable addition to the manufacturing of plastic items. The common man uses HDPE products every single day. Though you might be unaware, its ideal properties make it perfect for all your needs. Since HDPE is so versatile and easy to assemble, it helps in manufacturing pipes, jugs, auto parts, etc.

What Is Injection Molding?

A widely accepted molding process, injection molding involves heating and injecting plastic material under pressure into a closed metal mold tool. This method helps in producing thin-walled plastic parts. However it is an expensive process and the factors that contribute to such a high price are the intricacies and size of the molded parts, the material used, and the variety of produced items. PVC molding machines are in high demand as they produce high-quality molded products.

How Are Both The Processes Different From Each Other?

  • Parts Produced by the two processes vary to a certain extent. While injection molding creates solid plastic parts, blow molding helps in manufacturing hollow parts. If firmness is what you are looking for, then invest in injection molding. But if you are in need of products that are structural and flexible, go for blow molding.

  • Injection molding is more expensive than blow molding. Injection molds make sure there is high precision between two mold matches, thereby allowing material flow in a controlled manner. In the case of blow molding, there is little restriction and also, more freedom between mold halves. However, in both cases, quality control is an important process.

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