Ensure Safety In Drinking Water During This Lockdown

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This is a strange phase of human history we are passing through. This COVID19 has brought us to that juncture of life which we have never come across. The key word now is – safety. Like we are always cautious about safe drinking water. That is we rely on water manufacturer in Kolkata for bottled water. In the same way we need to keep ourselves safe now. For that it is very essential to stay at home in self quarantine. This is the only way we can save ourselves and others. At the same time we need to be safe about our drinking water too so that we do not fall sick at this time of crisis. Here are the different measures we can take to ensure that we are drinking fresh water:

Drinking Water Safety – 

  • This is the time when you should be ultra cautious about your health because a good health promotes better immunity – something that we all need during this time to fight against COVID-19. If you buy bottled water for drinking then ensure that the delivery boy places the jar outside your door for a contact free delivery. You can give your cash in an envelop and place it in a bag outside. Once you receive the bottle, wash the exteriors of the sealed bottle thoroughly with soap water – taking care that the soap water does not enter the bottle. Or else you can keep the bottle untouched for 24 hours before touching it.
  •  Always keep separate glasses for each of the family members so that you do not contaminate each other’s glasses. Keep the bottle closed after use so that it does not get dirty.
  • If your bottled water gets over or you do not have access to bottled water then you can use boild water as well. In a clean pot boil water well. Then cool the water and keep it covered. Use this water for consumption. Do not dip used or dirty glasses. Pour this water out from time to time in a jug.
  •  Keep the glasses clean and dry always. And wash the glasses after every use.

These are little tips you can follow to ensure that you and your family members are all safe from any kind of water borne diseases during this lockdown. Alongside wash your hands regularly for twenty seconds to avoid Covid19.

And thanks to efforts by companies like Priti International, a leading mineral water plant in kolkata , we all continue to have access to clean, bottled mineral water.