Easy Guideline to Set Up a Mineral Water Plant

Mineral water contains essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium and it can be beneficial if one can consume it every day. Packaged drinking water uses water from any source and then the water is treated and disinfected. The water purifying process contains filtration, UV or ozone treatment it is healthy for human consumption. There are many business enthusiasts who are planning to develop mineral water plant, soda water plant, and packaged drinking water plant business as there is a mounting development and people are becoming more health conscious.

Here is the guideline for those who are setting up a new business in this particular field.

The most important four parts are:

-> Water treatment

-> Bottling the purified water

-> Quality control

-> Overall usefulness

While setting up the plant, you need to consider these things also.

-> Raw Water Pump

-> Sand Filter & Active Carbon Filter

-> Softener

-> Micron Filtration Arrangement

-> Ultra Violet System Water Storage Tanks

-> Involuntary Bottle Filling and Capping Line

One needs around 5000 Sq. total space and source of power and approximately 3000 LPH of raw water resources.The basic essentials include raw water pumps, sand filter, activated carbon filter, and softener. After basic purifying thorough sand filter and carbon filter, the water is softened and then the softened water is passed through micron filters which make it dazzling clear. After this process the water is passed through UV radiation. Once the water is completely purified, the packaging is done and distributed to the wholesalers and suppliers.