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Dietary And Nutrient Rich Food Products For Livestock



The Cattle Feed Meal Plant in Kolkata supplies feed products with adequate amount of balanced diets which are free of toxins and contaminants. These are essential to improve the productivity and welfare. Every edible product supplied by the plant can be digested by the livestock with ease.

Different animals need different food products to stay hale and hearty. Besides considering the difference in types of species, variations of the places should also be considered while buying the feeds for the animal. Like the growing ones need to feed on the products that will boost up their growth. An animal will work potentially only if fed with nourishing edibles. But the feeding should be done up to an optimum level only. Continue reading

Can You Save on Poultry Feed Back At Home?

poultry feed plant in Kolkata

Poultry and cattle feed too helps you save an extra but whenever needed provided you have the right ideas. Making and mixing your own cattle feed can be a great option that might be used to go about with the same.

The use of machineries has definitely been an advantage for the industry for quite a long time now. They have been used in almost all sectors in the recent years and have in turn not just reduced human labour, but have helped manufacturers work with great ease while churning out great volumes of cattle feed.Entrepreneurs are making use of the best poultry and cattle feed machine in Kolkata and other metropolitan cities as well. Continue reading

Poultry & cattle feed plant

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Poultry Feed Plant

A business in the livestock feed sector is a cool option nowadays. With the entire hullabaloo on farming and related businesses, the startup of poultry feed mill is sure to bring profits. If you are someone who is seriously interested in this sector, you may get huge returns on your investment. If you look around and notice a poultry and cattle feed plant, there are many similarities between the structuring of the both. However, following a cattle feed blindly won’t be of much help.
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Little Known Facts About Poultry & Cattle feed Plants

The love for Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka, Omelette and MatarPaneer, Lassi, etc. for non-vegetarians andvegetariansrespectively, is something we are well aware of. There are thousands of other delicacies made out of animal products that we know. What we do not try to know in depth,is the story behind their procurement. Poultry and Cattle farming are great contributors to livestock farming. They are processed and manufactured in poultry & cattle feed plants or mills.
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Are You Planning to Start a Cattle Firming Business? Know the Basics:

A cattle farming is a very beneficial businesses nowadays. If you already have the resources, you can initiate a business to make a source of revenue.

A lot of people are opting for poultry and cattle feed plant business, cattle farming as an occupation. As cattle’s farming is a very huge industry, one needs a lot of enthusiasm, patience before he starts the business. Let’s have a look on the essentials about cattle farming.

Poultry & cattle feed plant

• Make sure that you are starting the business small initially. After buying or inheriting the farm, don’t spend a huge amount of money. If needed, think about repairs, renovations for important things such as the house, handling facilities.

• Plan what kind of chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and cows you want, and what kind of farm you wish to manage.

• You can purchase essential machinery at an auction. You can buy the essential equipment and other items according to your need. As you grow your business, get equipment accordingly over the time.

• If you don’t have much capital to start with, settle on low cost producing.

• Make sure you have settled all the resources that you need – land, breed, water and food supply. There are sudden variables that could come into play when you are farming cattle.

• As change of weather can affect the condition & result of the cattle, make sure you are using proper protection according to weather. Keep your firm hydrated in summer, and warm in winter.

• Make sure that you have resource of water for your cattle to drink.

• Make sure you have enough of storage food, lots of hay to feed your domestic animals.

How a Poultry and Cattle Feed Plant Works?

Do you want to know about poultry and cattle feed plant for use in your establishment? There has been a great development in this field in the last few years. At present, elaborate poultry and cattle feed plants are in use that utilise very little power consumption and provide high output with minimum noise, very different from the monstrous plants of the previous years. More importantly, you will be able to find cattle field plants in various sizes, suited for varied requirements. While the simplest ones are high end mixers and grinders, ideal for small sized poultries, the most heavy duty ones are elaborate ones that carry out every step from feeding to final output in a step by step hierarchical manner.polatry fram

A typical cattle feed plant undergo the following flow of process to finally churn out the feed: raw material is first fed into the plant, which means solid required materials,
followed by pre cleaning, batching which brings together the solid ingredients, grinding that means cutting solid raw materials into given sizes, this is followed by mixing
the materials that are now in granular form as par given formulae. This is followed by pelleting, which is the most important step in the process followed by poultry feed
plant. This means turning the granular ingredients into solid feed of a particular size. This is followed by a process of cooling. This is the process of removing heat from
the pellets and allowing enough moisture to be retained. After cooling, there are two options. You can use the crumbling step to crush down pellets into small granular
forms for poultry feed suitable for chicks. You may by-pass this step and use the pellet form itself. The final step for the production is screening. Through this, pellets
that are oversized or undersized are segregated and sent for repelleting. Others are sent to the bagging plant for packaging.

I am sure now you have an idea how a poultry and cattle feed plant works by and large. You will find wide varieties within this general structure. Many poultry and cattle feed plant producers advertise their goods online. You can check their catalogue and then decide on the one that you want for your firm.