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Why it is mandatory to undertake water treatment process?

Life and water are synonymous.  It is the essential element to survive and is used in multiple ways. Whatever be the purpose of using the water, be it domestic, commercial or industrial it is always important to ensure the quality of the water supplied. It must bear high standard and that is ensured by running the water through a number of water treatment processes.  The procedures are undertaken in a water treatment plant.

100% pure and clean water is nothing but a myth as it is almost impossible to achieve 100% purity in the water. As many times the water is cleansed or passed under different Mineral Water Processing Machinetreatment processes, it contains some elements that might or might not be harmful to our health. In course of time the number of harmful elements in contaminating the water is increasing and they have the ability to kill animals and even human beings. The most harmful elements happen to be the parasites, bacteria, virus, campylobacter, cryptosporidium, giardia, algae, fungus and so on.  It is also seen that the water tends to carry toxic metals like lead, copper and many others.  The water treatment process decreases the level of contamination in the water and makes it safer and cleaner for various usages.

The treatment procedures of water are undertaken not for providing clean and safe water for drinking but also for using it for industrial and commercial purposes.  There are also procedures to treat waste water before they are disposed off.  Thus the water goes back to the environment to be used again.

There are three stages involved in water treatment process and they are the primary, secondary and tertiary stage.  Each of the stages includes a number of minute procedures, which are undertaken with great care to assure that there are no visible elements dissolved in the water. Maximum care is taken for removing the impurities when the water is meant for domestic purposes. Even the finest elements are removed with in-depth attention.

An overview on the essentials to make a mineral water project successful

If it is about taking  charge of a mineral water project or about starting a mineral water plant on your own taking a mere distributorship then there are endless points one needs to

consider before plunging into the real time scenario.

The first and foremost questions to bug you are as follows,

Mineral water plant

Mineral water plant

• What is the Profit Margin?

• How much is the investment?

• How much is the ROI (Return on Investment)?

• What are the Risk Factors?

• How to minimize the Risk Factors?

Now, in order to come to a conclusion about the profit margin, one needs to think over the mode, bottle, jar, pouch or just all of them? In case you are trying to have your o

wn brand

promoted then it is a must to decide on the product mix. In case, you will just undertake a distributorship the choice is rather limited.

Whatever it is, your decision is going to get influenced by the following elements,

• Investment

• Space

• Profit Margin

• Power

Investment: The amount of investment truly depends on the type and capacity of the mineral water project and plant. Thus, it comes down to square one to the concept of the product

mix of bottles, jars and pouches. It can be a mix of all three or just a jar or a pouch plant. The standard module of all the plants bears a capacity of 2000 LPH. After the type of the plant

is de4cided then the next point to concentrate on will be the choices of machinery and equipment. The other expenditure will include,

• Utility expenses such as, Water Electricity Air Conditioning, air Compressor etc.

• Liaison Expenses such as, ISI License & other Government License expenditure.

• Consultancy Charges towards ISI Consultancy project funding etc.

• Building Cost covering Construction and the interior cost.

ROI: If the plant is run professionally then the mineral water plant will start generating returns within 3 years.

Risks: The risk factors include,

• Absence of parallel execution system

• Absence of Coordination

• Absence of documentation

• Failure in execution

Why will you start a business of biscuit and wafer making plant?

Did you know that among wheat-based bakery products, biscuits are consumed the most? Biscuits are not only tasty but are nutritious, compact in size and can be easily digested. They can be preserved for a long time.

If you want to start a business you can definitely decide in favour of biscuit and wafer making plant. The plant will make biscuits, wafers and various types of cookies. Bpritiiscuits are available in a variety of flavours.

Since biscuits are very much popular among people of all ages-from children to old people, the business of biscuits is really a profitable one. In the market, there is a huge and never ending demand of biscuits. The competitive landscape of the biscuit manufacturing sector is interesting and exciting. Biscuits will never cease to be a favourite of both the young and the old School time is biscuit time and lunch time snacks.

One can really expect more than 20 per cent growth rate in biscuit production by 2015. Why is this so? The changing socio-economic environment i.e. increase in birth rate, increased tourist population, growing number of school children, increased literacy rate, higher living standard and higher per capita income, is responsible for the increase in demand of biscuit.

In case you want to start a plant, you should have the following machinery to make sure that biscuit and wafer production goes on smoothly.

1.  Flour mixer

2.  Rotary forming machine for making hard Biscuit

3.  Rotary forming machine for making soft Biscuit

4.  Tunnel Gas Oven

5.  Oil Spray machine

6.  Cooling conveyor

7.  Layout Turning Machine

8.  Sandwich machine

9.  Packaging

You should also keep in mind that your plant must comply with the rules and regulation laid down by the government.

Why starting a confectionary and bakery plant is a smart decision?

Bakery and confectionery products are among those food items that are bought and consumed on routine basis. Bakery items are an important item that is counted among evening snacks. Both bakery and confectionary products form a part of the menus for different types of celebrations.

Being global in nature, the prodbekariucts of these two industries are exported and imported among several countries. Thus consumers can taste products with different flavours.

Wheat, sugar, corn and other similar ingredients are used to prepare bakery products. Cookies, biscuits, cakes, bread and pastries belong to the most popular categories. Biscuits and breads are consumed daily while cakes and pastries are especially reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and other similar occasions.

Doing a business of confectionery and bakery products is a smart idea. However, before starting a confectionary and bakery plant, you need to know about the several opportunities available. You should also have a good plan in order to ensure that you reap good profits in your business.

Bakery and confectionary business can be a door-to-door or a store service. Be sure to have contacts with suppliers of such products who will sell the products manufactured in the plant, in the market.

Make a survey of what type of products are most popular. Making such products will increase the profit rate of your business. But you should also do research about competitors you have to face in this business.

You must ensure that you the plant maintain the hygienic parameter as asked by the government. Any kind of food processing or selling business needs that you must maintain a clean as well as hygienic storage space. A bakery and confectionary business is also not an exception.