Why will you start a business of biscuit and wafer making plant?

Did you know that among wheat-based bakery products, biscuits are consumed the most? Biscuits are not only tasty but are nutritious, compact in size and can be easily digested. They can be preserved for a long time.

If you want to start a business you can definitely decide in favour of biscuit and wafer making plant. The plant will make biscuits, wafers and various types of cookies. Bpritiiscuits are available in a variety of flavours.

Since biscuits are very much popular among people of all ages-from children to old people, the business of biscuits is really a profitable one. In the market, there is a huge and never ending demand of biscuits. The competitive landscape of the biscuit manufacturing sector is interesting and exciting. Biscuits will never cease to be a favourite of both the young and the old School time is biscuit time and lunch time snacks.

One can really expect more than 20 per cent growth rate in biscuit production by 2015. Why is this so? The changing socio-economic environment i.e. increase in birth rate, increased tourist population, growing number of school children, increased literacy rate, higher living standard and higher per capita income, is responsible for the increase in demand of biscuit.

In case you want to start a plant, you should have the following machinery to make sure that biscuit and wafer production goes on smoothly.

1.  Flour mixer

2.  Rotary forming machine for making hard Biscuit

3.  Rotary forming machine for making soft Biscuit

4.  Tunnel Gas Oven

5.  Oil Spray machine

6.  Cooling conveyor

7.  Layout Turning Machine

8.  Sandwich machine

9.  Packaging

You should also keep in mind that your plant must comply with the rules and regulation laid down by the government.