Why Would You Choose Mineral Water Over Tap Water?

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Water is our most basic necessity. We may still live on for a few days without water but we cannot live without water for long. Drinking water is key to not only our survival but is also linked to our good health. If the water that we drink is contaminated then we can suffer from various kinds of diseases like diarrhea or other forms of serious diseases. Hence it is always important to drink good water. This is why mineral bottled water is becoming so popular. In fact, this is why there are water plants in Kolkata making a profitable business. However drinking water is also available through taps from time to time, so why should we drink bottled mineral water? Here are a few differences between both:

Difference between ordinary drinking water and bottled mineral water – 

* Both are drinking water and both are equally good more or less. However, the biggest advantage of mineral water is that you can carry it anywhere since the water is available as bottled and sealed. Also, bottled water is available everywhere. So, whether it is a railway station or an airport bottled water will definitely be available. Since the bottles are sealed you are assured of the quality of water. You can either carry your own bottled water or buy one and you can travel freely.

* Regular drinking water also undergoes a process of purification but many times the water supply pipe has a mild leakage. This can cause seepage of dirty water into this water and make it unfit for drinking. Mineral water obtained from reputable plants are quality controlled. Hence you get quality assurance about the product.

* One big advantage of mineral water is that it has good minerals added to the water which is helpful. So, when you drink mineral water you not just drink water but also add good minerals to your body.

* In many parts of India, especially in the urban regions, drinking water is available as tap water which is time-bound and is available only for a few hours a day. This a disadvantageous for many as they may be out of their home at those hours. With mineral water, there is no such hassle. You can buy mineral water bottles and store them in your house and use them as and when you need them. There is nothing time-bound about it.

Mineral water has some definite advantages over ordinary drinking water. However the brand and quality are of paramount importance. So, if you are looking for a good manufacturer then always insist on Priti International. The turnkey manufacturer provides quality mineral and packaged drinking water and also offers turnkey manufacturing solutions on this.