What Are The Unknown Benefits Of A Turnkey Project Solution? 

Turnkey project solutions refer to a delivery method for most companies. Read this blog if you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of its advantages. 

In a turnkey project, a single contractor or entity operates with a project owner under a contract. The aim is to complete every stage of a project from start to finish. A lot of projects that are turnkey basis in Kolkata are found to be well-operative. 

Advantages Of Turnkey Projects

You will have to consider some factors when deciding if a turnkey delivery method is perfect for you or not. 

Cost And Timeline Benefits 

  1. Price Clarity

In contrast to the traditional DBB approach, turnkey solutions decrease financial unknowns. Moreover, they also offer project owners the opportunity to calculate ROI accurately. As a result, there is less uncertainty related to the total project expense. With traditional approaches, the construction cost is uncertain until the complete designs have been made. 

  1. Lower Change Management Difficulties

The conventional techniques offer no or poor connection between the company designs for a project and the construction firm. This can lead to inconsistencies with the engineering drawings along with the project owner’s actual requirements. Design projects with a poor touch can result in significant cost overruns. Turnkey solutions eliminate such insecurities. 

  1. Lesser Cost overruns 

If the turnkey project has a bid-fixed cost, project owners are responsible only for the lump sum amount they agreed upon. Thus, the contractor already covers any surges in material costs or others. It is critical to involve all team members in the design phase because it will prevent project delays and eventually cost overruns. 

  1. Compact Project Timelines 

Multiple stages in a turnkey project can overlap because of the nature of having a single design as well as the construction contractor. This also paves the way for the procurement of materials. They can further occur as final designs, thereby resulting in a compact timeline. Furthermore, delays become less throughout the complete process. 

  1. Collaborative Approach

The turnkey technique is a model depending on the collaborative approach. Both the designers and the builders perform as a team, with a similar interest. This ultimately eliminates the adversarial nature present in conventional project models.  The turnkey approach also decreases the amount of blaming or finger-pointing that can otherwise create problematic situations. 

  1. Quality Remains Consistent 

From the start, a contractor can easily set quality standards for ensuring consistency across fabrication, design and construction teams. Hence, the quality remains consistent in a turnkey project solution. 


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