The tale of biscuits & cookies plant

The origin

The history of biscuits and cookies dates back quite long. The biscuits were first baked in Persia in the 7th Century BC. However the modern biscuit came into origin much later in France during the 14th Century. The name originates from Latin word bis cotum which means baked twice.

The biscuits are hard and dry. The cookies are a much modern invention. We find the first reference of preparation of cookie in the Dutch bakeries. Referred to as ‘koekje’, these were small round cakes which were used by the bakers to find if the oven has reached the right temperature. The most common and modern version of chocolate chips cookie came into origin in 1937. The American chocolate chips cookies still remains the most popular and common among these cakes. priti

Popularity of biscuits & cookies

Colonization and later globalization brought a lot of culture and food habits to various countries. Today the English biscuits and American cookies happen to be famous all over the world and are among the most sold consumer food items. Be it the morning tea or the evening tea, or may be little snacks, both biscuits and cookies have found their place on the plates of billions of people across the world. bekari

A number of modern biscuit & cookies plants belonging to various multinational and national companies prepare these wonderful items of everyday consumption.

Get the right baker & appliance

In order to set up a biscuit & cookies plant one need to get the right apparatus as well as skilled labours. The temperature control and the dough preparation are of paramount importance. Any biscuit & cookies plant will require a large number of ovens which has temperature control.

Even though a number of functions have been automated in the modern machines, the expertise of the bakers is highly necessary, since it is a delicate process requiring perfection in terms of timing and temperature.

Local bakeries operate in almost every city all over India and other countries where baked products are a major part of the everyday consumption.

There are households as well which bake delicious cookies during special occasions. The recipe is quite simple and the apparatus required is a domestic oven for the purpose.