Important Factors To Consider When Setting Up Poultry Plant

poultry feed plant in kolkata

India’s poultry industry converted from a small-scale setup to a large commercial farming sector in the last few decades. So, it is not wrong to say that poultry farming and poultry feed plants in Kolkata have already become a lucrative business opportunity. According to industry experts, poultry farming is the fastest growing agribusiness that is highly profitable in the current Indian market scenario. Poultry and cattle rearing often form a supplementary source of income to agriculturists, mainly for women. 

Factors To Consider If You Want To Set Up A Poultry Feed Plant In Kolkata:-

  • Proper Plot Selection: The first and foremost point that one must keep in mind is the selection of a plot for setting up the plant. It is important that the area is well connected by road so that transportation of feed to various distribution points is easier.

  • Capital Requirement: Every business has its highs and lows. When structuring a business plan make sure you take into account not only the major cause of expenses but also focus on the tiniest detail. Work your plan accordingly such that you gain the best results with the right investment.

  • Manpower And Skill: From machinery to manpower, both are equally important in a poultry feed business. Analyze the number of people you will need to property scale and manage your business. Also, the right machinery can be the biggest game-changer.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Poultry Feed:-

To set up a proper poultry feed, it is important to pay focus on the feed that you are offering. You might not have thought that chicken feed is an important point to keep in  mind when managing a poultry farm. But that is a huge mistake that most poultry farmers or business owners make like you.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Choosing Feed For Your Poultry:-

  • The presence of essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, E, D3, and B12, amino acids, along trace amounts of phosphorus and copper sulfate are important. Moat feed contains a proper amount of proteins but lacks other necessary nutrients that are crucial for the healthy growth of hens from chickens.

  • The officials managing the feed ad-buying it should not bring the same feed for the poultry. Each age group has different requirements and therefore a single product will not suffice their needs. Also without proper feed, the chickens, fowls, turkeys, geese, and ducks can become deficient in certain nutrients.

  • Quality of raw material used for Processing feed and house-keeping are important criteria to be kept in mind for healthy poultry growth. Care should be taken that there is no carelessness and dealers should not miss out on the key factors.

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