Importance of Water Softener Plants: Effective Tips to Maintain

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To make the quality of water consistent and fit to carry out household work, water softening plants in Kolkata has become very popular. With the help of water softeners, you can ensure that the water we use daily for commercial and personal use is safe. Today the world is full of adulterated things and to avoid being a victim of these products, we have to be careful about the quality of the items. Since water forms the basis of all life on earth, passing it through treatment plants can save us from a lot of hazards.What are Water softening Plants?

Hard Water consists of an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. Water softeners are designed in a specific manner to treat hard water.  These appliances consist of a mineral tank and a tank of brine solution. The water that is to be treated is connected to the mineral tank which consists of negatively charged ions. The surface of the resins is coated with the metal ions when attracted by the anions from the mineral tanks.

The solution then passes through the tank containing brine solution where stronger Sodium ions flush out the weaker Magnesium and Calcium ions from the resin. The final step involves the proper draining of hard metal ions.

Effective tips to maintain water softeners - 

  1. Keep an eye on the salt levels. When there is a decline in salt levels, what you get in return is hard water.  You should therefore check the salt level after every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes the frequency of altering or changing depends on the quality of the product you have.

  1. Cleaning the brine tank is another important step in this process. In most cases, if you have a modern and latest water softener appliance, you can skip cleaning for the time being. But for safety, if you clean it once every 6 to 12 months, you can live worry-free. Also do check the procedure of cleaning in the product manual so that you follow the steps accordingly.

  1. When in use, the resin bed is regularly charged with salt ions. Therefore you should flush the resin bed occasionally with the help of a water softener cleaner. The accumulation of ions constantly reduces the efficiency of the appliance, hence cleaning it is necessary.

Proper designing of mineral water plants ensures that the water suits various applications. Priti International designs and manufactures effective and efficient water softeners. Their aim is to continue making at-par machinery that is productive, affordable,  versatile, and find application in a variety of industries.